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Automotive Test Service

International Cross Certification E-Mark certification support and Major Car Manufacturer's Standard test

Automotive products test

  • Test for entire vehicle in 10m RF semi-anechoic chamber with large turntable (φ5m / 2ton) and smoke ejector.
  • Our Laboratory correspondence even from E-mark test solution to all major car manufacture's standard special demand.
  • Consulting by our expert engineers and cooperate partners; TÜV Rheinland Japan.
  • Available for EV/PHV test (EFT Burst and Thunder surge) what was added on the International Standard R-10 Rev4.
  • Available for CISPR25 Super Low Noise Measurement and 200V/m Strong Radiated Electric Field Immunity.

E-Mark certificate support

FUJITSU General EMC Laboratory is appointed by TÜV Rheinland as E-Mark Compliance Test Site.

We provide the test, Countermeasure and E-mark application support service.
* TUV Rheinland is authorized by EU government certificate body.

TÜV Rheinland Japan

3-19-5, Shin Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa-Pref. Japan

Test equipment / Antenna calibration

SAE / CISPR calibration of antenna, E-field sensor and evaluation of RF Chamber / Shield room.

Antenna SAE ARP958 : Rod (10Hz~30MHz),Bi-conical (30~300MHz),Log-peri (200MHz~2GHz) Bilog (30MHz~2GHz),Horn (1~40GHz)
E-field sensor IEEE1309 : 10kH ~ 18GHz
Certification report with A2LA logo will be provided through S&A ltd.(Tel:+81-45-500-1280)
Radiation noise measurement
Transient / Power Voltage Variation

Radiation noise measurement
G-TEM (ETS-5405)
10kHz~1(18)GHz*Depend on the condition
10m Method Chamber
Turntable (φ5m /2ton Weight Capacity)


1. Aftermarket regulation had been started

The aftermarket equipment sold not in the standard or option be car manufacturers but sell it in a car accessory store or e-commerce became a compulsive control subject of EMC instructions (CE mark) from 2013/7/1.

An examination standard is set to EN50498:2010 and the item of the following table is required.

Our Laboratory support from the test implementation as an independent organization to CE marks self-declaration.

Radiation Noise 30-1000MHz
Radiation Immunity 20-200MHz : 75V/m, 200M-2GHz : 30V/m
Transient Noise +75V, -100V
Surge / Power Voltage Variation Pulse 1/2a/3a/3b / Pulse 2b/4

2.Trend of EMC regulation for Automotive products in Japan

In the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(MLIT) in order to advance strengthening and international mutual recognition of EMC of vehicles/automotive equipment, the EMC technical standard Regulation No.10 (R-10) Rev.04 of ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) was taken in to "the safety standard of road haulage vehicles."

This standard is applied to all the cars manufactured by 2011/5/1 irrespective of enforcement and all automotive by 2016/5 /1.

In connection with this, it becomes indispensable E mark acquiring automotive equipment domestic or overseas.

Please ask us for the details.

Automotive / MIL Standards Test・Specifications of our Laboratory

Item MILStand Automotive Test Demand Premises / Capacity
Radiated Noise RE102 CISPR25
10k-18GHz 10k-30MHz: Monopole Antenna
30-1000MHz: Bi-Conical、Log-periodic Antenna
1-40GHz: Horn Antenna
Magnetic Noise RE101 - 30Hz-50kHz 36T Loop : 30Hz-200kHz, Loop Sensor : 9k-30MHz
Conducted Noise CE102 CISPR25, 22
LISN for MIL : 24A/Phase
LISN for Automotive : 75A/Phase
LISN for Home Appliance : 100A/Phase
Conducted Voltage Noise CE101 CISPR25
30Hz-15kHz(108MHz) Voltage Clump : 20Hz-200MHz
Transient Noise CE07 ISO7637-2,
  Oscilloscope : 1GHz 12V/24V
Radiated Immunity Antenna RS103 ISO11452-2,
JASO D001,
SAE J1113-21
200M-18GHz, 200V/m
(at D = 1m)
RF AMP 10k-220MHz/80M-1000MHz、500W
Parallel Antenna : 10k-30MHz : ≧10V/m
Bi-log Antenna : 20-2000MHz:50-150V/m(at D = 1m)
High Gain Hone : 0.2-18GHz : ≧200V/m(at D = 1m)
TEM Cell - ISO11452-3,
SAE J1113-4
10k-200MHz, 200V/m L400×D300×H300mm, 10k-400MHz:≧200V/m
G-TEM - - 10k-1(18)GHz L375×D375×H333mm
Strip-Line RS103 ISO11452-5,
10k-200MHz, 200V/m L2000×D700×H300~600mm, 10k-200MHz≧200V/m
L2000×D275×H150mm, 10k-1000MHz≧200V/m
Adjacent Antenna method - - - T-Spec, N-Spec and the antenna sweep by XY scanner
Conducted Immunity BCI CS114 ISO11452-3,
SAE J1113-4
10k-230MHz, 280mA Current Clump : 10k-2GHz, 280mA
Coupling Transformer CS101 SAE J1113-2 30Hz-150kHz, 10V Coupling Transformer : 30Hz-250kHz、10V
Magnetic Immunity Helmholtz Coil - SAE J1113-22 20Hz-100kHz, 1000A/m 20Hz-10kHz:φ260mm,10-100kHz:φ180mm, 1000A/m
Loop Antenna RS101 - 30Hz-100kHz, 180dBpT Loop Coil / Sensor 20Hz-100kHz, 180dBT
ESD - ISO10605,
SAE J1113-13
±30kV, Air/Touch ±30kV, CR : 150pF, 330pF, 150Ω, 330Ω, 500Ω, 2kΩ
Surge / Power Voltage Variation - ISO7637-2
Pulse 1/2a/3a/3b/5a/5b
Pulse 2b/4
Type-D and Type-E
Spike Noise CS06/RS02 - ±500V 0.15, 5, 10us 600Vmax
Impulse Noise CS115 - ±5A 20A 2kV
Damped Oscillation CS116 - 10A Fix:6Frequency(10k – 100MHz)
EFT Burst - IEC61000-4-4 AC / DC2kV 4.5kV, 400V/50A
Lightning surge - IEC61000-4-5 AC L-G:2kV, L-L:1kV
DC L-G/L-L: 0.5kV
6.5kV, 400V/50A
Harmonics Current
/ Voltage Fluctuation
- IEC61000-3-2
Class A
Dc=33%, d(t)=500ms


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