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Evaluation of EMC Site/ chambers

PDF Site Evaluation Measurement (PDF : 191KB)

We are offering electric chamber NSA as the third party evaluation organization/ Evaluation of characteristics and the characteristic improvement consulting such as SVSWR.

NSA: 30-1000MHz, CISPR16-1-4/ CISPR 22/ ANSI C63.4/ VCCI

ANSI free space factor deriving. The evaluation for comparison with the Refsite based on the ANSI 3 antenna method calibration values in highly accurate open site (50m × 80m).

Our experienced engineer is providing High-speed sweep measurement high accuracy by cable with ferrite core and highly accurate network analyzer/ laser marker antenna setting: Evaluation of repeatability 0.2dB and uncertainty ±0.5dB.

Antenna :
Bi-log : VULB9160 and Bicon : VHA9103, LPD: VULP9118A and dipole: V/selection and characteristic improvement of UHAP best measurement.

Repeatability during year of consulting antenna factor

NSA Measurement : D=10m horizontal 2.0

SVSWR evaluation: 1-6(18) GHz and CISPR16-1-4/ VCCI

SVSWR evaluation: 1-6(18) GHz and CISPR16-1-4/ network analyzer of accurate antenna setting high dynamic range with VCCI spheroid radiation pattern, POD and precision of low reflection scanner: High-speed sweep measurement by NA/ offering best optimum layout/maximum test volume/ consultant for reflection and VCCI application support/ offering NA reading software, the SVSWR evaluation work-sheet and the low reflection movement stands, and the absorber surfacing stands.

The NSA evaluation of 1-6GHz level measurement site where POD was used for is also available.

TT is rotatable according to the absorber surfacing stand.

Field uniformity evaluation: 80MHz-18GHz IEC61000-4-3

High speed measurement with the 4ch electric field sensors and the low reflection movement stand/ sweep measurement: The consulting equipment control software, the immunity level impression software, and the absorber surfacing stand such as decreases of optimum layout/ antenna position/ cable loss of the automatic calculation, best, impressed level corresponding to customer's system are offered with 1-6GHz by the preliminary estimation within about four hour one time.

ETSI TS 102 321 all chambers NSA characteristic: 1-18-40GHz

Three antenna method calibrated accurate standard free space factor, LPD: 1-18GHz: small horn antenna, network analyzer high-speed sweep measurement, scanner laser marker precision position decides, repeatability 0.2dB highly accurate uncertain ±0.5dB evaluation.

The QZ evaluation all of the micro wave darkrooms: 1-40GHz, IEEE149

The QZ evaluation all of the micro wave darkrooms: It is fast measurement according to 1-40GHz and the IEEE149 standard gain horn antenna at the angle of the step at X,Y and Z axis movement and each 30(45) angular degree of with the low evaluation reflection precision scanner as for VSWR in the QZ zone.


CISPR16-1-4 all chamber NSA characteristic: 30MHz-1GHz

For CISPR32 multimedia product examination introduction scheduled chamber: evaluation by calibrated small Bi-con,30MHx-1GHz free space factor evaluation by network analyzer, laser marker antenna space setting with ferrite core cable high reproducibility shield performance.

Performance Shield: 10kHz-18GHz, IEEE Std. 299/ EN50147-1

10KHz-18GHz, IEEE Std.299/ EN50147-1 evaluated by high sensitivity spectrum analyzer, electric power amplifier using dynamic range, measurement by our skilled engineer performance assessment trouble shooting for shield improvement consulting.

Magnetic field wave:
Loop antenna (10 kHz-30MHz and dynamic range 130dB)
Electric field wave:
Monopole antenna (10kHz-30MHz and dynamic range 130dB)
Plane wave:
Bi-con/ LPD (30MHz-1GHz and dynamic range 120dB)
GHz band:
Horn antenna (1-18GHz and dynamic range 120dB)


ISO / The NSA measurement report and the calibration result book with the IEC17025 comment will provided.
When the certificate with United States A2LA logo is necessary, it becomes thru S&A Co.

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