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Services and Offers

Services provided

Our laboratory provides following services. For details of tests, please refer to "Various measurements and tests".

  1. Compliance tests for international standards
    • Japanese VCCI registration, European CE mark: TÜV Rheinland / TRaC, VLAC Accreditation (Australia NATA Cross Accreditation)
    • Final / consigned measurement by full-time engineers and issuing of results as test reports in Japanese and English.
  2. Consulting for electric wave countermeasures
    Support for electric wave countermeasures of products and consulting for various noise troubles to clear the standard
  3. On-site measurements
    Various electric wave measurements / electromagnetic wave environment measurements / shield anechoic chambers / shield room characteristics evaluation service
    • NSA / SVSWR / Uniformity or other kind of evaluation test for electric chambers
    • Shield room evaluation
  4. Electromagnetic wave special measurements
    • U.S. Military MIL Standard / North American telecommunication Equipment Standard NEBS
    • Antenna radiation pattern measurement, Evaluation of electromagnetic absorber
  5. One stop testing (Consignment test)
    Batch evaluation of product safety, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, SAR for EMC test
  6. Shield evaluation
    Shield characteristics evaluation of various chassis / materials / cables
    Three-dimensional search of noise radiation sources by X-Y scanner
  7. EMC measuring equipment calibration and on-site evaluation / batch calibration
    Calibration for antennas and measuring instruments such as receiver / ISN / power analyzer and on-site calibration service at client's place

Various measurements and tests


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