Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Ltd.


Convenient location

Our laboratory is conveniently located in Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City accessible from Tokyo in short time. The nearest stations are "Mizonokuchi Station (Tokyu Den-en-toshi line)" from Shibuya area and "Musashi Mizonokuchi Station (JR Nanbu line)" from Kawasaki and Tachikawa areas.

A non-stop bus and Tokyu bus are available between Shin-Yokohama Station of Bullet Train (JR Tokaido Shinkansen) and Mizonokuchi Station.

It is also located near the Kawasaki Inter Change of Daisan Keihin Highway if you come by car.

Internationally recognized site

International Laboratory VLAC Accreditation (Australia NATA Cross Accreditation):

Japanese VCCI registration:

European CE mark: Germany TÜV Rheinland/England TRaC

E Mark Certification: Germany TÜV Rheinland

  • Self measurement by clients and final/ consignment measurement by full-time engineers and issuing of measurement results
  • Batch service of E Mark test from application to test and comprehensive automotive test corresponding to car makers requirements
  • One stop test service from application to test in witness of Korean KCC and Taiwanese BSMI
  • Measures for critical requirements for MIL Standard test (A–F versions)
  • Support for electric wave countermeasures of products to clear the standard and consulting for noise troubles
  • Special tests of shield characteristics of chassis/ materials, electric wave absorber evaluation, antenna radiation pattern measurement
  • Three-dimensional search of noise radiation sources by X-Y scanner

Full-fledged measuring and testing equipment

  1. Latest large-size 10m method anechoic chambers unaffected by external noise × 2
    • High speed (A quarter of open site) / high precision self-measuring of Radiated noise / Telecommunication line conducted noise / Over 1GHz radiated noise.
    • Turn table 5m/2ton
    • Carry-in door: 2.5 × 2.5m
    • Site attenuation: ±3dB
    • Electric field uniformity : 80-2700MHz
  2. Small-size anechoic chambers × 2 (6 wall ferrite and low frequency amorphous magnetic shield / CISPR25 spec. for automotive equipment)
    • Radiated immunity test and radiated noise countermeasures
    • Electric field uniformity : 80-2700MHz
    • Automotive equipment / MIL test
    • MIL 200V/m test
    • Super low frequency electromagnetic field measurement
    • Residual magnetic field AC less 0.002µT (1/3 of outdoor magnetic field)
  3. Shield room with variable temperature and humidity (15-30°C, RH 40-60%) × 3
    • Measurement of radiated electric power / conducted noise of home electric appliances
    • ESD
    • EFT/Burst
    • Various immunity tests, etc.
  4. Automotive equipment test facility
    • Excessive surge/ electric voltage fluctuation test machine
    • Strip line
    • TEM cell
    • BCI
  5. Others
    • 36kVA CVCF power supply
    • DC55V/100A power supply
    • EFT/Burst of 50A/phase


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