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Shield Evaluation by Split Shield Roomnew

PDF Shield Evaluation by Split Shield Room (PDF: 148KB)

High speed measurement can be done by the frequency sweep method using network analyzer with max hold function.

We will be prepared the result data as Excel file which easily-worked original report and good for any data comparison.

Evaluation for any shielded material by Split Shield Room

It is available shield evaluation by Schematic Distant Field* in conformity with MIL-STD-285 in order to measure them under real usage condition.

High impedance, Electric Field. Low impedance, Electrical Magnetic Field. EMC measurement : Distant-field. Imbalance less than 1 wave length.

Schematic Distant Field (no effect from V: electric field and I: electrical magnetic field by certain distance)

Scale able shield material :
Gasket, Connector, Shield Film, Shield Board, Metal Mesh, Honeycomb Material,
Shield Window and Shield Door also can be done!!

Split Shield Room.There is DUT installation window (Base Board) on the shielding wall, DUT makes sandwich into holding board and base board.

Evaluation Method :
It makes benchmark without DUT (open condition) and measures it. Then install DUT on the wall and moving antenna by XY Scanner, measures maximum leaking electric field. The scan measurements secure to find the leaks.

Frequency Coverage :

110k-30MHz (Magnetic Field) Spec 80-100dB ANT: Tx Loop / Rx Loop antenna
100k-30MHz (Electric Field) Spec 60-100dB ANT: Tx Rod / Rx Rod antenna
30M-1000MHz (Plan Wave) Spec 100dB以上 ANT:Tx Bilog / Rx Small Bicon antenna
1G-18GHz (Micro Wave) Spec 100dB以上 ANT:Tx Hone / Rx Horn antenna

Size of material :
It may changes on demand./dd>
DUT Size DUT-A,B,C. DUT Install Window.
A.   200 Caliber 220 × 220mm ±5
B.   480 Caliber 496 × 496mm ±5
C.   770 Caliber 800 × 800mm +5/-10
D.   Maximum Caliber* 2,250 × 1,450mm
*   Shield Door also available to measure!!

Evaluation for Cable and Connector by Split Shield Room

It can be avoided unnecessary radiation expect DUT (cable or connector etc.) purely measures shield characteristic only connector itself, cable itself and connector + cable.

  • Any type of adopter board available for any type of connector.
  • It puts signal input and terminator at transmitting room and measures maximum radiated electric field from cable/connector at receiving room.
  • It measures different effect from any variety of types of cables, connectors and way of termination (shield return, cable return and differential transmission).
  • Consider transmitting room as real chassis and simulated evaluation can be done with radiated level from connected cable and concoctor from the chassis.
Up cropping cable only.Adopter board for connector.


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