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EMC Measurement and Environmental Consulting Operationnew

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We will come up to your test site and do consulting and characteristic improvement for your new / existing anechoic chamber.

Consulting for anechoic chamber

Variety of measurements and consulting

  1. NSA attribution:30M-1GHz CISPR16-1-4, VCCI
    • Lifting antenna mast / Countermeasure for reflectors, installation of absorbers in chamber and consulting conclusion most suitable measurement axis.

  1. SVSWR attribution:1GHz-6(18)GHz CISPR16-1-4, VCCI
    • Consults your most suitable layout for floor absorbers in order to fit your test volume.
    • Consults your selection of Horn antenna for EUT, measurement axis and layout of the wall absorbers.

  1. Uniformity Radiation Electric Field:80MHz-6(18)GHz IEC61000-4-3
    • Consults and selects your most suitable floor absorbers and its layout.
    • Consulting select of most suitable antenna (Selection for best antenna having radiating pattern meet with its uniformity) and power amplifier which fitting applied field intensity (Power).

  1. Shielding attribution:10k-40GHz IEEE Std 299-2006, EN 50147-1:1997
    • The rightness countermeasure consulting and identify the problem points using the search coil.
    • Most suitable countermeasure for electrical wave leaks based on our experience by our case of customer (doors, filters, connector panels, access panels, honeycomb filter for HVAC outlet and more)

Consulting for anechoic chamber construction

  1. Consulting for anechoic chamber construction
    • Sizing of chamber, selection of absorber and ferrite tile / layout, power filter / cabling, grander door layout, conclusion of axis and more.
  2. Dark noise measurement:9k~40GHz
    • Dark noise measurement before chamber construction and its reduction countermeasure.
    • Most suitable selection of cables and pre-amplifier for dark noise reduction.
    • Plotting out to evaluation test contents before construction of the chamber for automotive testing.
    • Reduction consulting for radiation noise from chassis dynamometer and mobile equipment.
    • Radiation noise consulting for opening and closing position such as gantry antenna etc.

Electrical noise environmental measurement for building or factory etc.

  • Electrical noise environmental measurement for factory facility:9k~40GHz
  • Electrical noise environmental measurement on open space before anechoic chamber construction.
  • Electrical noise environmental measurement in the facility.

EMC training

  • Basic technical education for EMC by our skilled engineer.
  • From EMC standards to measurement as basic training and we also do countermeasure training based on our long time experience, it is also good for beginners of industry.
  • Characteristic of anechoic chamber (NSA, SVSWR, Uniformity, Shield) training.


Please do not hesitate ask us about quotation because it depend on your suite condition. We are offering very much reasonable price by each of your order.

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