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Performance Valuation Service for Weak Radio Equipmentnew

PDF Performance Valuation Service for Weak Radio Equipment (PDF: 222KB)

Our laboratory has started the performance valuation service for weak radio equipment stipulated by Radio Act (Japan). We also issue the performance report of measurement result on demand.

Standard Specification

Tolerance of field intensity at 3m position.

The tolerance of field intensity at 3m position for weak radio equipment

The radio station license is unnecessary in case of field intensity where located 3m from the radio equipment is lower than the red line in above. The field intensity of weak radio can be measured at our laboratory based on the Radio Act 6-1-1 and using standard measurement method in the full requisition of standard characteristic (standard demand: NSA ±4dB) featured our chamber (acutual level bellow: NSA ±1.5dB).

Photo of 10 meters in an anechoic chamber.

Weak Radio Measurement (10m RF Chamber) NSA ±1.5dB

Image of the measurement environment.

Measurement Environment

Scale able Frequency Range

Our measurement can be done for field intensity use loop antenna for 9k~30MHz, half-wave length dipole antenna for 30M~1GHz and hone antenna for 1G~40GHz.

Trustee Measurement Service

Trustee measurement service is also available in order to use blank time space of our chambers when you may ship EUT to us.


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