Wireless Remote Controller UTY-LNTY


Max. number of controllable units :
16 indoor units
Selectable :
4-setting daily timer
Download :


Simple and versatile operations with a choice of 4 different types of timers

  • Controls up to 16 indoor units.

Built-in timer

4 timer programs: ON/OFF/Program/Sleep

Program timer: Sets ON/OFF time once for every 24 hours.

Sleep timer: Adjusts the set temperature automatically while the sleep timer is on.

Easy installation and operation

Different codes can be assigned to up to 4 indoor units to prevent a mix-up.

Wide and precise transmitting range


Model Name UTY-LNTY
Net Dimensions Height 205 mm
Width 61 mm
Depth 17 mm
Net Weight 125 g
Battery 1.5 V (R03/LR03/AAA) × 2