Multi-split Systems R32 Simultaneous Multi-split Type


230 V single phase
Cooling9.5 kW
Heating10.8 kW
Cooling12.1 kW
Heating13.5 kW
Cooling13.4 kW
Heating15.5 kW


Meets a variety of installation needs from office to commercial space, with up to 3 indoor units in the same room connected to an outdoor unit.

Select indoor units according to floor layout and heat load estimated by the number of people working in the room and the direction and intensity of sunlight coming into the room.

Ideal airflow distribution can be achieved for optimum comfort.

Installation that considers the floor layout

Installation that considers the direction and intensity of sunlight coming into the room

Design flexibility

Slim and compact design

The outdoor unit in this series is 22.7% shorter* than a 2-fan type outdoor unit. The reduced height makes it easy to install in tight spaces.

* Applicable to the 45,000- and 54,000-BTU models

Flexible installation

Pipe length of up to 50 m and a height difference of up to 30 m can be accommodated. Multi-split systems can be installed in large residences and multi-storied buildings.

1. Max. pipe length (each unit):
50 m
2. Max. height difference:
30 m