CSR Labour Practices

Approaches to labour practices

"Valuing and investing in our people" is a key element of the Fujitsu General Group's business management policy, firmly grounded in the belief that the foundation of our company is the employees. We seek to maximize the potential of our people by creating a workplace where employees can pursue a healthy lifestyle while taking on new challenges without sacrificing their diversity.

Approaches to labour practices

Key initiatives

Develop Talented Personnel Willing to Take on New Challenges

We believe that the development and education of human resources will play an extremely important role in maximizing the potential of our people—our most valuable management resource—because the sustainable growth of Fujitsu General Group is possible only through them.

The new personnel system introduced in FY2020 clarifies the roles played by each rank of employee more than ever before.

- Establishment of the technical academy of air conditioner

- Ideathon

- Overseas engineer training

- Rank-based training

- Specialized Human-Skill Seminar for engineering managers

- 10% rule

- Active participation of our senior human resources

- Air conditioner engineer-manufacturing training

Raise Health Awareness and Create Workplace for Good Life

The Fujitsu General Group regards health management as the strategic implementation of health measures that will support the realization of sustainable business growth. We also have made clear the importance of creating a workplace that is both easy to work in and rewarding, which in turn is expected to increase overall motivation and combined energy.

- Declaration of employee wellness

- Health education for new recruits

- Anti-cancer seminars

- Specific Health Guidance

- Influenza vaccination

- Meal seminar

- Health design center

- Promoting better sleeping habits

- Holding team competition walking

- Health checkups and prevention via health insurance association in addition to legal health checkups for employees

- Prevent passive smoking and help people quit smoking

- Prevention of occupational accidents & disaster preparedness

- Health consulting service available to all employees

- Introduction of ICT-based yoga tools

- Continuous support provided by industrial physicians and nurses

- Launched the food education marche program

- Promoting safe driving

Create Workplace Where Employees Can Work Flexibly with Diversity

At the Fujitsu General Group, we have made the promotion of both diversity and inclusion a cornerstone of our management strategy to achieve sustainable growth. We will continue to strive to create a working environment in which diverse employees can play an active role, developing these same human resources in line with our Corporate Mission, with an eye to improving our competitive position.

- Promoting women in the company

- Employing people with disability

- Dialogue with the labor union

- Education support in developing countries

- Re-employment after retirement

- Work-life balance

- Social contribution by the Workers Union

- Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Activities

- Promoting foreign nationals as managers at overseas locations

- Supporting life fulfillment

- Initiatives to protect the natural environment

- Welfare and employment promotion activities for the disabled

Relevant Information (Links)

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