CSR : Labour Practices Raise Health Awareness and Create Workplace for Good Life

Approaches to labour practices

"Valuing and investing in our people" is a key element of the Fujitsu General Group's business management policy, firmly grounded in the belief that the foundation of our company is the employees. We seek to maximize the potential of our people by creating a workplace where employees can pursue a healthy lifestyle while taking on new challenges without sacrificing their diversity.

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Key initiatives

Declaration of employee wellness

We established a Health & Productivity Management Promotion Division in April 2017. In July of the same year, we adopted the Fujitsu General Group’s Declaration of Employee Wellness and have appointed our President & Representative Director to the position of Chief Health Officer (CHO). Everyone in our group is working together to achieve Good Health, a Good Job, and a Good Life.

-Fujitsu General Group Declaration of Employee Wellness-

Healthy employees and their healthy families are our most valuable assets. As a company that delivers comfort and safety to customers around the world, it is our responsibility to ensure that every employee stays healthy and happy in a vibrant workplace.

Health Design Center

The Fujitsu Health Design Center, which opened in July 2019, is located on the second floor of the Innovation & Communication Center.

This facility, which was conceived in line with the tenets of our Declaration of Employee Wellness, including the goal to create a corporate environment where all employees are able to work energetically and in good health, has been established as a safe place where employees can speak freely, a place where employees can engage in healthy behavior, and a new place where employees can refresh themselves. It is also a place where employees can meet everyone to share information and create an inter-connected community.

The Fujitsu Health Design Center naturally promotes a health conscious culture, but goes further in supporting self-care, not only from the standpoint of being a company employees, but in all aspects of daily life. All of these are designed to help employees learn better health care management and improve their working habits, which contribute to leading a rich and contented life up to the age of 100 years.

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View of health design center

Opening a cross-divisional World Café

Based on the Corporate Mission, Environmental Policy, and Declaration of Employee Wellness, we held a cross-divisional World Café as one of the measures for employees. Through this event, we aim to promote communication among employees and help them to maintain job satisfaction. In FY2020, we discussed the significance of our company's purpose with the SDGs as the starting point under the theme of "Future of Fujitsu General - Our Activities with SDGs and Future Beyond.”

The participants said that it was a great opportunity to exchange opinions with employees outside their own departments, and the event was a good way to promote communication.

Health consulting service available to all employees

The primary purpose is to provide health education to all employees while helping to establish connections with medical professionals. All employees enjoy a medical consultation with an industrial physician or public health nurse for approximately 15 minutes (single consultation).

New recruits undergo the consultation during initial training with the rest of employees being able to receive a medical consultation during working hours on a rotational basis.

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Benefits and Effectiveness of Health Consultation for Employees of the Fujitsu General Group

Population approach

We will continue our efforts to conduct health-related events, working to increase employee participation and therefore raise awareness of health maintenance measures throughout the company.

Health education for new recruits

Public health nurses provided education on eating breakfast, sleeping, drinking, and coping with stress.

Promoting better sleeping habits

To promote energetic work, we have enlisted the services of Dr. Haruyoshi Yamamoto (Director of Workers' Mental Health Center, Yokohama Rosai Hospital).

We provide his soothing music app to any employee who wishes to improve their performance through better sleeping habits.

Introduction of ICT-based yoga tools

Our Kawasaki Headquarters' Health Design Center has introduced ICT-based yoga tools. Based on mimicking what you see on the monitor, the interactive system captures your yoga movements by camera, and displays them back onto the monitor.

The yoga tool app allows employees to refresh during the work day.

Anti-cancer seminars

A cancer education seminar provided by Action for Companies Promoting Cancer Control initiative (supported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) was distributed to employees via video.

High-risk approach

Our goal is to provide a program which is effective in reducing health risk for those employees diagnosed with a high-risk health condition.

Continuous support provided by industrial physicians and nurses

Support the continuation of treatment by monthly confirmation of treatment. For FY2020, this support was provided to 22 employees.

Specific Health Guidance

Health guidance is provided to those whose health checkup results fall outside the standard values and who are at risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases. Appointments can be made either outside or during working hours, so that as many employees as possible can receive the guidance. For FY2020, active support was provided to 139 employees, and moral support was provided to 98 employees.

Health checkups and prevention via health insurance association in addition to legal health checkups for employees

Cancer screening Additional examinations not required by law (gastric cancer, colorectal cancer (35+ years old), prostate cancer (males aged 50+), breast cancer, and uterine cancer(females aged 20+), abdomen (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, and spleen (at the ages of 40, 45, 50, 55))
Health checkup for dependents Specific medical examinations for dependents aged 40 to 74 (20+ for spouse) and post-retirement voluntary insured, An optional cancer screening similar to that for the insured is available
Dental checkup Maintenance of dental health and early detection of abnormalities
Assistance for comprehensive medical examination Support the cost of brain scans and other medical examinations for recipient once every three years, Support the cost of chest CT (lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.) for recipient, Support the cost of gastric endoscopy for recipient

Influenza vaccination

The Fujitsu General Health Insurance Association supports the cost of influenza vaccination for insured persons and their dependents. In FY2020, 1,474 people received the vaccination.

Prevent passive smoking and help people quit smoking

Prevention of second-hand tobacco smoke inhalation

We are taking steps to reduce the level of second-hand smoke inhalation in the workplace. Both at our Kawasaki Headquarters and Aomori Plant, smoking indoors has been prohibited since 2018. At our Hamamatsu and Matsubara plants, newly established outdoor smoking areas have helped to greatly reduce exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.

Progress to Date: Limiting Second-hand Smoke Inhalation at Fujitsu General (Japan only) image

Progress to Date: Limiting Second-hand Smoke Inhalation at Fujitsu General (Japan only)

Smoking cessation support

We are giving support for smokers to help them quit smoking. Since February 2018, our Kawasaki Headquarters has been sponsoring an in-house outpatient clinic. Medical specialists visit the company on a monthly basis so that employees who are trying to quit can receive medical support during working hours. To date, this program has enabled 50 employees to quit smoking.

Bringing technology to the forefront, we have also provided access to a remote outpatient rehab clinic via a smartphone app, which supports virtual examinations and medical assistance even at night or during a holiday. For those who have successfully quit smoking, the cost of the examinations is waived. Furthermore, to celebrate your effort on behalf of society, a tree is planted in your honor in Indonesia at the expense of the company.

Progress to Date: Limiting Second-hand Smoke Inhalation at Fujitsu General (Japan only) image

Progress to Date: Limiting Second-hand Smoke Inhalation at Fujitsu General (Japan only)

Launched the food education marche program

The company is undertaking a wide range of measures to help employees improve their eating habits.

Food Education Marche at our Kawasaki Headquarters image

Food Education Marche at our Kawasaki Headquarters

Prevention of occupational accidents & disaster preparedness

The Fujitsu General Group conducts a monthly Safety & Health Committee meeting to achieve zero occupational accidents. The main areas of focus include root cause analysis of any occupational accidents, discussion to prevent recurrence of such accidents, report of vehicular accidents involving company-owned vehicles operated by the sales/service staff, and consideration of recommended corrective actions. The meeting minutes are distributed throughout the company intranet to provide visibility and awareness for all employees. The company conducts health & safety training for new recruits, with refresher courses given whenever an employee is given a new assignment within the company. As part of an annual campaign to raise employee health & safety awareness, a billboard is set up each year in September at our Kawasaki Headquarters. The purpose of this billboard is to announce the coming of National Occupational Health Week, which starts on the first of October.

During November, evacuation drills are conducted in order to strengthen our initial response readiness in the event of a natural disaster. The exercise is also undertaken to increase employee awareness of the disaster-prevention measures which are in place. In previous years, all employees at the Headquarters participated in this event, but in FY2020, 170 representatives from each workplace took part in this event as a measure against COVID-19. This time, the participants learned how to set up sandbags assuming the flooding of buildings.

A system utilizing mobile devices has been put in place to enable each employee to quickly report their status, including whether their physical safety has been compromised. In the event of a natural disaster, it is now possible to assess the overall situation. In FY2020, training on the system was conducted twice.

For FY2020, we are able to report there were no work-related fatalities nor were there any serious accidents.

Promoting safe driving

E-learning is utilized to promote safer driving, focusing on the prevention of accidents, raising safety awareness, and the rules of the road for employees who use company cars during working hours, and those who commute by private car, motorcycle, or bicycle.

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