Promotion of Sustainable Management

Basic policy of sustainable management

In order to promote "Sustainable Management," the Fujitsu General Group formulated and announced the Sustainable Management Basic Policy in March 2021.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are intended to drive future business creation, and their core principle of "leave no one behind" is synonymous with our Corporate Mission of "Living together for our future." Fujitsu General takes a medium- and long-term approach to the promotion of sustainable management.

Fujitsu General promises the children and society of the future to create a sustainable society, and pursues its own business growth by accelerating these sustainability efforts.

Three key themes

In order to promote Sustainable Management, we are implementing measures based on three key themes: Harmonious coexistence with our planet (Planet), Social contribution (Society), and Care for employees (Our People).

Three key themes

Priority Themes and Key Measures

Harmonious Coexistence with Our Planet

Challenge toward carbon neutrality

Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality (completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions) in the Fujitsu General Group's business activities by FY2025


In the midst of the global demand for action against climate change, we aim to achieve virtually zero emissions of greenhouse gases in the Fujitsu General Group's business activities by FY2025. We aim to achieve this by gradually converting our Group's electricity use to renewable energy sources (e.g., introduction of solar power generation) and by taking the same action for gasoline, etc.

We will also take the same measures in our Group's supply chain, while developing products with high energy efficiency and switch from non-inverter to high-efficiency inverter air conditioners in order to contribute to curbing climate change.

Helping to solve social issues by introducing a Sustainable Product system

Fujitsu General Group has set out a design concept conducive to solving important social issues, and internally certifies products and services that contribute to Sustainable Management and our Group's Growth Strategies as Sustainable Products (SusPro hereinafter).

Products and services certified as Sustainable Products and are recognized as contributing to sustainable development to a certain degree and are capable of aiding our Group's business growth are internally certified as Sustainable Product Gold (SusPro Gold).

By investing intensively in these products and services, we aim to have 30% or more of our consolidated net sales ratio of SusPro certified products and services by FY2030, and will actively promote integration into our Group's Growth Strategies in our contribution to sustainable society.

Sustainable Product System

List of products accredited as Sustainable Products

Key initiatives

Sustainable consumption, Measures for climate change, Environmental protection


Social Contribution -Society-

Promoting innovation and technology that leads to solving social issues through FIC*

The Future of Innovation Challenge (FIC), a new program launched in FY2020 as an initiative of the Fujitsu General Group, aims to create businesses that solve social issues based on the ideas of individuals, while building a corporate culture that encourages spontaneous challenges. Following the launch of the wearable air conditioner Cómodo gear™ in 2020, we are promoting innovation and technology that will help solve social issues.

* Abbreviation of “The Future of Innovation Challenge” (activities to create new businesses by soliciting ideas)

Contributing to society by introducing the SDGs Proposal system

In May 2021, we launched a new SDGs Proposal system, inviting all employees in Japan and overseas to submit ideas that contribute to society outside of our products (such as promoting and supporting the development of the next generation and coexistence with local communities) and promote excellent ideas toward implementation.

Key initiatives

Urban development to live securely

New Value Creation

Responsible procurement

Fair Operating Practices

Contribution to local communities

Community Involvement and Development

Care for Employees -Our People -

Promoting Health and Productivity Management 2.0 to create a workplace with enhanced productivity and motivation

In order to create a workplace where employees can stay healthy and energetic, and enhance their productivity and motivation, we will strive to strengthen our existing health management initiatives. We are promoting initiatives that contribute to the improvement of employee health, including the strengthening of our industrial medical system and the implementation of health promotion events.

In the future, we will not only work to ensure the health of our employees, but also pursue well-being by providing support to families who support the health of our employees, and to companies and organizations that aim to introduce the Health Management system.