CSR Fujitsu General Group Approaches to CSR

In the spirit of Our Mission "-Living together for our future-" the Fujitsu General Group has positioned. Through our business, we will meet the expectations of all stakeholders, respect all human rights, contribute to a sustainable society, and achieve sustainable growth for the Group.

How we achieve our mission

Under our Corporate Mission, Fujitsu General Group is committed to solving social issues by innovation and technology through breakthroughs in order to realize Our Mission "Living together for our future."

To this end, we will continue to value "Spontaneous challenge" to new frontiers, "Maximize potential based on respect," "Integrity and high ethical standards," and contribute to the sustainable growth of the company and realization of sustainable society through the promotion of "Sustainable Management."

How we achieve our mission

CSR policy

In the belief that the Fujitsu General Group can realize its Corporate Mission by promoting CSR activities, we have established the "CSR Policy."

Our Group's mission "our existence" is to use innovation and technology to address social issues and deliver a brighter future to customers and societies around the world.

To resolve social issues, we will continue to embrace new challenges through our spirit of "continuous creativity with a spontaneous attitude."that has spread since the founding of the Fujitsu General Group. This approach is driven by employees who are not afraid to take on challenges that others may not acknowledge. That is why we “Develop our Team” considering our employees to be one of the most important stakeholder. To build a solid foundation of the company, employees uphold a high standard of ethics and carry out corporate activities with the "emphasis on integrity."

・ “Act spontaneously” to address social issues
We use ingenuity and foresight to develop and deliver market-leading products and services, help resolve issues facing people and society, and preserve the environment.
・ “Maximize potential based on respect” for human rights
We play our role in helping achieve a sustainable society by respecting human rights, embracing diversity in people and cultures, and working and communicating with our stakeholders.
・ “Value integrity” and follow the right way
We uphold a high standard of ethics and conduct business activities in good faith by adhering to laws and regulations, following fair business practices, and disclosing company information in a timely and appropriate manner.

Fujitsu General Group policy on CSR activities

The Fujitsu General Group undertakes CSR activities based on the seven core subjects defined in the ISO 26000 guidance on organizational social responsibility: organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and community involvement and development. We have established a policy on CSR activities under these seven core subjects.

・Organizational governance
We achieve greater management efficiency by becoming more agile in our decision-making. We enhance our businesscontinuity capabilities by achieving greater transparency in our decision-making processes and enhancing internal controls, including physical on-site audits, over our business operations.
・ Human Rights
We ensure that "all our employees respect human rights, 'no one shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation, nor shall harassment' be tolerated," and that we demonstrate this spirit in action.
・ Labor practices
The Group is committed to its employees, who are the foundation of the company, and has set "management that maximizes their potential" as the cornerstone of its business operations. We create a workplace that promotes employee wellness and in which diverse employees can thrive and succeed in a flexible manner, and we develop employees to take on challenges spontaneously.
・ Environment
The Fujitsu General Group recognizes that protecting the global environment is one of the most important management objectives. We continue to contribute to the sustainable development of society by helping create a safe, comfortable society and delivering a prosperous and bright future to people around the world. In addition, while observing all environmental regulations in our business operations, we are actively pursuing environmental protection activities on our own initiative. Through our individual and collective actions, we will strive to safeguard a rich natural environment for future generations.
・ Fair operating practices
We consider the management of our global supply chain part of our CSR activities. As part of our efforts to fulfill social expectations and achieve Our Mission—Living together for our future—we work with our suppliers to minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment and society.
・ Consumer issues
We deliver products and services that constantly offer new social value to customers to meet their diverse needs in markets around the world and to increase the level of their satisfaction.
・ Community engagement and development
We make it our top priority in community involvement to provide educational assistance for children and carry out community outreach programs. We enlighten children, who are the leaders of tomorrow, on exciting aspects of product development and manufacturing in the hope that some of them will grow up wanting to be in manufacturing. In addition, we hold public events for local residents to play a role in community development.

Organization structure to promote CSR

In Fujitsu General Group, our President is appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and the Office of Sustainability Promotion is involved in promoting CSR activities across the entire company.

The Office of Sustainability Promotion consists of not only personnel dedicated to CSR but also general managers of procurement, public relations, general affairs and human resources divisions as Office members, and the requests from each stakeholder and the results of activities are grasped and reflected in planning.

Under this management system, we are working to contribute to the resolution of social issues and to achieve sustainable growth for the company.

Organization structure to promote CSR

Identification of materiality

The Fujitsu General Group identifies Materiality to promote Sustainable Management in its business operations.

In identifying Materiality, we use international guidelines, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, as well as reports published by independent research institutions. We use them in light of the Group's Corporate Mission and management policy to select issues for the Group to address.

The extracted issues are classified and organized into two categories: "Stakeholder interest & impact" and "Significance to the Group," and the more important issues are designated as the Key CSR Themes.

Materiality identification process

Materiality identification process

Materiality Matrix*

Materiality matrix

* The numbers placed under each item correspond to the SDG number our Company addresses through its CSR activities.