CSR Human Rights

Approaches to human rights

We believe that it is important to both recognize and properly understand human rights issues, foster a spirit of respect for and sensitivity to and maintain a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination or any other human rights violations.

Each employee of the Fujitsu General Group should be conscious of the need to protect human rights while letting this fundamental principle guide their actions.

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Key initiatives

Conducting human rights awareness training

The Fujitsu General Group strives to raise employees' consciousness of human rights issues through regularly scheduled educational programs. As an opportunity for human rights education, we provide employees with e-learning on the prevention of harassment during Human Rights Week every year. In addition, human rights enlightenment is promoted through human rights education for newly appointed managers and new employees.

Action against human rights violations (Establishment of a human rights consultation and relief office for employees)

The Fujitsu General Group has set up a "Corporate Ethics Helpline" for the consultation and relief to protect employees' human rights. This hotline can be either reached through the division in charge or via an external law firm. All employees have been made aware of the helpline through the details posted on the company intranet as well as via e-learning.

The system provides a mechanism for the early detection and resolution of potential or actual violations of laws and regulations, internal rules and corporate ethics, as well as the prevention of a violation.

We have a system in place that enables an independent team of investigators to take responsibility for factual probes and, if necessary, take corrective action and prevent recurrence, whenever a report is filed or a request for consultation is received.

Status of human rights awareness activities for business partners

In procuring products, materials and raw materials, the Fujitsu General Group has formulated the CSR Procurement Policy and Guidelines with the aim of fulfilling social responsibility in the entire supply chain. It will do this by adding required items in light of the progress in measures taken for the environment, labor environment, human rights, etc. to the existing items such as quality, performance, price and delivery.

We share our CSR Procurement Policies and Guidelines with our suppliers and ask them to practice them within their companies.

We conduct CSR audits to confirm the status of our business partners' CSR initiatives. Prior to the audit, we send a self-assessment questionnaire to our suppliers as a self-check, and based on the results of this survey, a field audit is conducted to investigate the actual situation. If we believe a business partner is not taking sufficient measures, we request the partner to take appropriate corrective action, with Fujitsu General providing support for improvement and confirming the necessary steps have been taken.

In FY2020, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we were unable to conduct CSR audits and other on-site surveys, but we did conduct self-checks using the self-assessment questionnaire for seven companies in Japan, four in China, and five in Thailand. In the survey conducted in FY2020, no CSR issues were found among our suppliers.

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