CSR Stakeholder Engagement

The Fujitsu General Group, true to the FUJITSU GENERAL Way, Our Mission and Our Philosophy, operates businesses to meet the expectations of its diverse stakeholders, including employees shareholders, investors and suppliers, and contribute to society.

diverse stakeholders

Dialogues with shareholders and investors

In Our Philosophy, which is part of the Group's Corporate Mission, we define "collaborative effort focused on communication" and "integrity" as a means to achieve Our Mission.

We maintain a constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors as often as we can, and disclose company information in a timely and appropriate manner that serves as a basis for such dialogue.

Dialogues with government agencies, local businesses, and community-based organizations

We have been participating since FY2014 in the Eco City Takatsu Project, organized by Takatsu Ward of Kawasaki City, and have been working with the Ward Office and local businesses as well as citizen groups to exchange ideas on how to achieve the sustainable development of the city over the next 100 years.