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Approaches to consumer issues

The Fujitsu General Group, since it began its role as a manufacturer, has always grown through technological progress and innovation, being the first in the industry to introduce leading-edge products to the global market.

With an eye on the next 10 to 20 years, we are working to create new value through innovation and technology to realize a society where future generations can live with joy and hope.

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Key initiatives

Delivering products that meet customer expectations

Under Fujitsu General Group's Corporate Philosophy, "— Living together for our future — Through innovation and technology, we deliver a brighter future with the peace of mind to our customers and societies around the world.” we aim to contribute to the realization of a comfortable, safe and secure society by providing new value to our customers and societies.

The Fujitsu General Product Safety Charter (JP website/Japanese)

Improve the quality of products and services

「The Fujitsu General Group-wide quality assurance policy」

The Fujitsu General Group will continue to provide safe, high-quality products to ensure repeat purchase and increased customer loyalty.

1. We will always put quality first and foremost.

2. We will continue to produce products using advanced technology, which are both high quality and safe, to achieve customer satisfaction.

3. We will comply with all government laws and regulations.

4. We will proactively canvass our customers for feedback on product quality and safety issues. We will also undertake to promptly share any relevant information with our customer base.

5. We will continue to support both the global and local communities through ongoing quality improvement.

Quality compliance education (Implementation of Engineer Ethics Education)

Fujitsu General Group has been conducting Engineer Ethics Education for engineers.

In FY2019, we implemented the "Ethics for Engineers" for approximately 1,000 engineering executives, managers and general employees of the Fujitsu General Group including domestic and overseas bases, and in FY2020, expanded the scope of the education to 265 non-engineering employees of the Kawasaki Headquarters divisions via the web.

The purpose of the program was to understand the causes of the problems of "quality data falsification" and "improper inspection" and to prevent problems from occurring in the Group.

Through the case method of problem solving, the participants are encouraged to think about what actions they should take in their actual work, which is expected to lead to further improvement in quality compliance.

Ethics Education conducted with local engineers at Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (a production company in China)

Ethics Education conducted with local engineers at Fujitsu General (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (a production company in China)

Customer information protection policy

The Fujitsu General Group is fully aware of its responsibility to protect sensitive data, including customers' personally identifiable information (personal information) such as their name, address, and e-mail address. We make every effort possible to properly manage and protect the data we hold, including personal information, and are strengthening our IT security protocols using the services provided by an in-house division which specializes in this field to prevent any security breach which could compromise our data security and allow unauthorized access.

Privacy Policy

Response to foreign regulations

Fujitsu General Group bases around the world have established an information management system that conforms to the personal information protection system in each region. Each base appropriately collects, uses and manages customer information.

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