CSR External Recognition

The Fujitsu General Group's CSR activities have been recognized for their outstanding achievements by independent evaluation groups as well as other external organizations.

External Recognition. 1. Accredited "Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2021 : White 500". 2. Selected as a brand for "S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index". 3. Rated 3-star Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey. 4. Rated 3.5-stars in the "Second Nikkei SDGs Management Survey". 5. Received "Gan-Ally-Bu Award 2021 (Gold)". 6. Accredited "Sports Yell Company 2022" by Kanagawa Prefecture . 7. Acquired Next-Generation Certification Mark "Kurumin". 8. Registered as "Business promoting CHO Initiative".