Environment Environmental Strategy

Fujitsu General Group Environmental Policy

Fujitsu General is based on the common corporate vision as a member of Fujitsu Group and established "Fujitsu General Group Environmental Policy" rearranging "Fujitsu Group Environmental Policy" of Fujitsu Limited for Fujitsu General Limited.

Fujitsu General Group employees are practicing these vision and policy in daily activities.

Identification of Materiality

The Fujitsu General Group identifies Materiality to promote Sustainable Management in its business operations.

Mid-Term Environmental Action Plan

The Fujitsu General Group formulated "Mid-Term Environmental Action Plan" in 2016 with the final target year of 2030. However, in order to further actively contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we made a major review of the Mid-Term Environmental Action Plan in March 2021.

Furthermore, in April 2022, we have moved up the target year for achieving carbon neutrality from FY2030 to FY2025.

Toward the Solution for Environmental Issues (Activities for SDGs)

Fujitsu General Group will contribute to the achievement of SDGs through business activities as well as product and services by achievingthe Medium-term Environmental Plan.

Environmental Action Plan Stage IX

To achieve the “Medium-Term Environmental Action Plan” up to FY2030, we have established the “Environmental Action Plan Stage IX” to work on over the four years from FY2019 to FY2022.

Disclosures under TCFD

The Fujitsu General Group has endorsed the TCFD in 2020 and shall disclose key information related to climate change in line with the TCFD recommendation.

Company-wide AKASURI Campaign

In parallel with the "Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII", we started the "Company-wide AKASURI Campaign" as a company-wide activity to reduce environmental burden and establish a foundation for high profitability.