Environment : Environmental Strategy Environmental Action Plan Stage IX (FY2019-2022)

Fujitsu General Group established the "Environmental Action Plan Stage IX" to work on from FY2019 to FY2022 to achieve the"Medium-Term Environmental Action Plan" up to FY2030. We will continuously work on the four pillars listed in the Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII (FY2016–2018) "Responding to climate change" , "Resources circulation" "Chemical substance management" and "Contribution to environmental society" and at the same time, strengthen the measures to deal with environmental issues along with the change in the social trends by establishing "Reduction of greenhouse gas emission including supply chain" , "Expanded use of reusable energy" , "Strengthening of CSR procurement (Note 1) system" as new themes.

Note 1 CSR procurement :
To seek corporate social responsibility such as compliance with laws and regulations in consideration of depletion of resources, environment, society and human right from suppliers of parts, components and raw materials.