Environment Electric Home Appliance Recycling Activities

In Japan, in accordance with the "Law of Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances (Electric Home Appliance Recycling Law)" enforced in April, 2001, all manufacturers are obliged to make recycling regarding 4 items of electric home appliances, i.e. home-use air conditioners, televisions (CRT, LCD, Plasma type) refrigerators/freezes and washing machines/cloth dryers.

Fujitsu General established about 360 specified collection places all over the country jointly with other electric home appliance makers and is collecting the used appliances of our company and implementing the recycling and collection of fluorocarbons by subcontracting to recycling plants at 18 places of the country.

Flow of used electric home appliance recycling

Flow of used electric home appliance recycling

Closed recycling activity

Fujitsu General Group is recycling plastic (polypropylene) collected by its subsidiary Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd. (recycling plant) and implementing closed recycling to reuse for our company’s products. At present, we are reusing recycled materials for mechanical parts of our air conditioners. We will promote the activity for further enhancement of recycling in the future.

Washing tank (Plastic: PP material) / Converting to repellet / Air conditioner parts (protection net, wind direction board, etc.) / Our air conditioner

Flow of closed recycling of resources

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