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Environmental education and enlightening system for employees

Fujitsu General Group conducts systematic environmental education and enlightenment in order to promote the enhancement of environmental awareness and positive activities for environment.

Environmental enlightenment activities

The Fujitsu General Group is implementing an environmental month event in June every year aiming to improve environmental awareness and knowledge for all employees. In FY2018, “AKASURI Motto Contest” was held for all employees. 29 works were submitted, and as a result of voting on the in-house intranet, one grand prize and two secretariat prizes were selected. The selected mottos are posted in the company in the hope to raise employee awareness. Also, during the same month, e-learning with the theme of “SDGs” was held. We will continue to raise awareness of environmental issues through such event.

Akasuri Motto Contest Grand Prize

Environmental education

The Fujitsu General Group is implementing environmental education in the new employee training and executive staff training which are a basic human resource education.

In FY2018, as departmental education, a briefing session of system operation of product environmental assessment and life cycle assessment was held for the product development staff in Japan and overseas aiming at the reduction of environmental burden of total life cycle of products.

Also, as an internal auditor training for ISO14001, the training by external lecturer was held for the purpose of developing new internal auditors.

Environmental education at Kawasaki Head Office
(FY2018 new employee training)