Environment : Activities for reducing our own environmental burdens Measures against global warming

Introduction of solar power generation system

Hamamatsu Business Office installed solar panels in the building of Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd. in its premises in FY2017 and started solar power generation. By the operation of the solar power generation system, we switched about 27% of power generation to renewable energy after introduction.

Also, a part of the electric power generation is supplied to Hamamatsu Business Office, and expect to reduce CO2 emission by 275 tons per year in the whole business office.

Solar panel installed on the roof of Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd. and its effect

Solar panel

Effect of introducing solar power generation system

Thorough efficient operation of test room

The laboratory which evaluates the performance of air conditioners consumes a lot of electricity to measure the cooling/heating performance by changing the temperature condition on indoor unit side and outdoor unit side.Therefore, from FY2016, we are continuously optimizing the preliminary operation time in the test preparation work and thoroughly utilizing timer operation on holidays and at night time.

In addition, we reduced the power consumption by stopping the operation of harmony machine used for the test preparation work which consumes high power and switching to air conditioners with high energy saving performance and spot coolers. Through these activities, we reduced CO2 emission by 1,794 tons (28%) in FY2017 compared to FY2015.

Effects by thorough efficient operation of test room

Improvement of product transport efficiency

We worked on the improvement of transport efficiency by reducing long distance deliveries in the product transport in Japan. In order to reduce the long distance deliveries from our own product warehouse to the outside of jurisdiction area, we implemented various measures such as optimization of inventory placement, direct loading by container ship to Hokkaido and Okinawa area, modal shift of long distance transport from truck to JR cargo.
As a result, the transport efficiency per sales quantity improved by 11.2% compared with FY2013.

Direct loading for Hokkaido / Okinawa area

Efficiency improvement of business trips

Fujitsu General Group is working on the reduction of the number of business trips and reduction of environmental burden by positively introducing and utilizing IT.
In FY2017, we changed various meetings conventionally held at head office by gathering members from each office to Web conference by introducing Office365 to all domestic bases and some of overseas bases, and we reduced the number of business trips and energy consumption related with the movement of people.

In the future, by extending the introduction of Office 365 to all overseas bases and positively utilizing, we strive to reduce the energy consumption.

Web conference

Note 1 :
Calculated by annual CO2emission per household = about 4,940kg-CO2.(Confirmed report of FY2015 by National Institute for Environment Studies, Greenhouse Gas Inventory Office of Japan)