Environment : Activities for Reducing Our Own Environmental Burdens Responding to Climate Change

Basic Approach

The Fujitsu General Group believes that reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all business areas is important to curb climate change caused by global warming. We will promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by improving the energy efficiency of products used by our customers.

In addition, by expanding the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power generation, we aim to achieve completely eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities by FY2030.

Initiatives to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Business Activities

Fujitsu General Group aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the business activities of the entire Group to completely eliminate by FY2030. We are expanding the use of renewable energy, and encouraging each employee to review their daily work processes to reduce redundancies. We also share best practices across departments to achieve improvements. In FY2020, CO2 emissions were reduced by approximately 22% compared with FY2013, thanks to the introduction of solar power generation systems by our production and sales company in China and the promotion of a production shift to models that use a refrigerant with a lower global warming potential (R-32).

Installation of Solar Power Generation Systems

The Fujitsu General Group is promoting the use of renewable energy for electricity used in its business activities. In August 2020, Fujitsu General Central Air-Conditioner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., our production and sales company in China installed new solar panels on the roof. With the operation of the solar power generation system, we shifted about 14% of our electricity use to renewable energy by March 2021, reducing CO2 emissions by 204 tons. For the full year, the CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by 371 tons, or about 25% of the electricity used.

We will continue our efforts to increase the number of sites suitable for solar power generation to further promote shifts to renewable energy.

Solar panels newly installed on the roof of Fujitsu General Central Air-Conditioner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

Reducing Electricity Consumption at Air Conditioner Evaluation/Test Facilities

The test room where we conduct the performance evaluation for air conditioners consumes considerable power, as we adjust the temperature conditions for the indoor and outdoor units to measure cooling and heating performance. Fujitsu General Air Conditioning R&D (Thailand) Co., Ltd., our air conditioner development base in Thailand has optimized the pre-run time in test preparation work and utilized timer operation on holidays and at night, based on the success of the Kawasaki test room. As a result, CO2 emissions were reduced by 225 tons (23%) in FY2020 compared with FY2018.

Efficiency Improvement of Business Trips

The Fujitsu General Group is actively introducing and utilizing IT to reduce the number of business trips and reduce the environmental burden.

Utilizing Office365, which was introduced in fiscal 2018 for expatriates at all domestic and overseas bases, especially after March 2020, as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, we will cancel business trips in Japan and overseas and work from home. As a result of the promotion, efforts to establish remote conferences accelerated at a stretch, and at the same time, it led to the effect of reducing CO2 emissions associated with commuting and business trips.

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Note 1 :
Calculated based on annual CO2 emissions per household = Approx. 3,970 kg-CO2 (National Institute for Environmental Studies Greenhouse Gas Inventory Office, FY2019 preliminary figures)