Environment : Activities for Reducing Our Own Environmental Burdens Contribution to Environmental Society

Promotion of Education for Next Generation

As a manufacturer, Fujitsu General Group conveys the joy of manufacturing and develops human resources who will lead the future of manufacturing.

The Kawasaki Headquarters accepts interview requests from high school students who are interested in the electrical and electronics industry to convey views on job and work, and provides them with an opportunity to think about how to live life and what to become in the future.Our holds various events for children from nearby elementary schools to give them an opportunity to learn about the excitement of product creation and manufacturing.

In addition, with the pandemic of COVID-19 in FY2020, the use of public transportation and buses has been banned at nearby elementary schools, making it impossible to conduct the planned factory tours, etc. In order to provide children with opportunities to learn as much as possible, we accepted new field trips in addition to the existing trips and lectures on demand.

Measures were taken to prevent infection (wearing masks, deploying disinfectant solution, disinfecting chairs and desks, etc.) in accepting students.

Examples of Key Initiatives

School Field Trip "Exploring our Town" (Kawasaki Headquarters)

In January 2021, we conducted a school field trip for 2nd graders of the neighboring elementary school, which included introducing Fujitsu General's outdoor advertisement, observing the scenery from the Kawasaki Headquarters rooftop, visiting the Jihatsu (meaning spontaneous) Hall(Note1)where they could learn about our company's history, and going on a tour of air conditioners sold around the world in the showroom. We received opinions from children such as "I want to come back for another tour" and "It was fun to see air conditioners sold overseas."

Career education "Look into Yourself, See the Future"
(Kawasaki Headquarters)

In February 2021, Fujitsu General Group employees visited the neighboring elementary school to give lectures to 6th graders as part of their career education to think about work. On the day, the lecture focused on the stories behind the development of the industry's first "heating sterilization of heat exchanger" function and the "TV commercial production" of our Company.
We received comments from the children such as, "It looks like hard work, but gives a lot of joy." and "I look forward to seeing the commercials back home."

Career education in elementary school classroom

Promotion of Coexistence with Local Communities

Fujitsu General Group is promoting coexistence with local communities through exchanges.

Our manufacturer in Thailand, Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. participates in tree-planting activities organized by the industrial park. The CEO of our distributor in Australia, Fujitsu General (Australia) Pty Ltd. participated in the event to support people who are homeless due to poverty, where the CEOs of local distributors slept out in winter and raised funds for the cause.

Examples of Key Initiatives

Local cleanup activity

Fujitsu General plants (Kawasaki Headquarters, Matsubara, Hamamatsu, and Aomori plants) and Fujitsu General Electronics Co., Ltd. regularly conduct cleaning activities to contribute to the community by promoting aesthetic awareness of the surrounding areas. Our manufacturer in Thailand, Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. conducted in January 2021 a coastal cleanup activity near the plant with about 100 employees.

Cleaning activities

(left: Cleanup activities at the Aomori Plants; right: Beach cleanup in Thailand)

Afforestation (Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)

Our manufacturer in Thailand, Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. had nine employees participate in a tree-planting activity organized by the industrial park in which the company is located in September 2020.
The participants planted seedlings with elementary school students on the day.

Tree planting in Thailand

Protecting and nurturing rare species
(Kawasaki Headquarters and Hamamatsu Plant)

With the guidance of a local university, Fujitsu General Hamamatsu Plant opened a 3,000 m2 biotope on its premises in 2014 and has been conducting conservation activities for the rare species of Tanakia lanceolata (a freshwater fish) and Pronodularia japanensis (a mollusc), which are designated as endangered by the Ministry of the Environment and Class IA in the Shizuoka Red Data Book.
With the guidance of an NPO, our Kawasaki Headquarters is also involved in the conservation and propagation of Calanthe discolor Calanthe, a rare plant designated as a quasi-endangered species by the Ministry of the Environment and as an endangered species II by Kanagawa Prefecture. In FY2020, the number of their pots were increased to ten from five.

Dividing calanthe at Kawasaki Headquaters

Note 1 the Jihatsu (meaning spontaneous) Hall :
The hall, which opened on February 1, 2018 at Kawasaki Headquarters, displays the history of the Company since its founding and the innovative products introduced.