Environment : Activities for Reducing Our Own Environmental Burdens Chemical Substance Management

Basic Approach

The Fujitsu General Group is committed to reducing the use and emissions of chemical substances and preventing pollution associated with its products and factory operations.

Furthermore, we take utmost care in the selection and management of designated chemical substances in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order to reduce the environmental impact of the chemicals included in our products.

Thorough Control of Key Chemical Substances Used in Production

The Fujitsu General Group stringently manages key chemical substances(Note1) used in manufacturing.

*MSD: Material Safety Data Sheet

Chemical substance management at Fujitsu General Electronics Limited

Note 1 :
26 substances identified by Fujitsu General Group by evaluating their toxicity and usage. (As of March 2021)
Note 2 :
Environmental Operation Procedures that organized Safety Data Sheet (SDS)