Environment : Activities for the Customers and Society Resource Circulation

Basic Approach

The Fujitsu General Group contributes to a sustainable society by effectively utilizing limited resources.

Our Group is working to reduce waste loss of raw materials in the production process, reduce raw material usage for products, and recycle used products.

Promoting Resource-Saving Design

The Fujitsu General Group places importance on the effective use of resources for the products the Group offers by developing a resource-saving design (including downsizing and weight reduction) and by reducing the number of parts needed, all being given consideration during the product design stage. For air conditioners, we will promote resource-saving designs and the development of standardized outdoor units with reduced weight.

Recycling of Used Home Appliances

Turning Used TV Back Cabinets Into Materials

Fuji Eco Cycle, which is engaged in the home appliance recycling business in the Fujitsu General Group, has contributed to the reduction of waste as well as the reduction of selection energy when recycling them into raw materials by sorting and collecting the back cabinets of mainly LCD TVs with raw materials such as PS(Note1)and PC+ABS(Note2).

Effective Use of Saltwater from Used Washing Machine

At Fuji Eco Cycle, saltwater used in the balancer of washing machines used to be disposed of after dilution and neutralization, but now it can be effectively used by creating a scheme that allows it to be used as a specific gravity liquid for sorting plastics and other materials.

Note1 PS :
Note2 PC+ABS :
Polycarbonate + Mixture of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene
Note3 PP :