CSR Message from the President

the President

Under the Corporate Philosophy, rather than pursuing shortterm profits, we will fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, society, and our employees, and together with our employees, we will work to increase our corporate value through medium- to long-term growth and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Fujitsu General's role in the changing world under the pandemic of COVID-19

The pandemic of COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on people's lives and economic activities around the world. The situation in many parts of the world is still chaotic, and the direction and timing of economic recovery are uncertain, and it must be said that we will not be able to return to the life and business environment as before even if the infection ceases.

In such a drastically changing world, each and every one of us is determined to manage flexibly and strive to realize Our Mission "Living together for our future," which is the direction we should aim for.

In the future, the presence of values such as comfort, security and safety will increase, and we feel that the air conditioner business, which is the mainstay of the Fujitsu General Group, as well as the information communication and electronic device businesses will be providing indispensable values in the new normal era.

We also see this as an opportunity to establish a new business style and dramatically improve operational efficiency by providing non-contact and location-independent services through the use of IT, such as enhanced cleanliness and sanitization functions, remote monitoring, energy management, and maintenance support to meet the needs of the new era.

In this age of unpredictability, we would like to discuss with our employees and other stakeholders what the Group can do for society and people around the world, and what the Group should do to contribute to society, and put these discussions into action with a sense of speed.

Promotion of “Sustainable Management”

“Corporate Mission” is equivalent to "dreams and aspirations" for a company. Employees of the company should agree with the mission, gather together as trusted comrades to achieve it, and think and act in accordance with the mission. When faced with a problem, they should return to the mission to find a solution, and the results should be measured by the mission. In other words, the Mission is at the core of management, and the Fujitsu General Group, in accordance with Our Mission, "Living together for our future" believes that we should make ourselves happy through self-realization and continued growth, and that this will lead to the action of "creating happiness for society and customers.”

In March 2021, the Group formulated the Sustainable Management Basic Policy. The promise of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are specific goals of sustainability, is "Leave no one behind." This is the very essence of Our Mission "Living together for our future" in which we are determined to stay close not only to our current customers but also to our future customers and society. We believe that promotion of Sustainable Management is a way to promise the realization of a sustainable society to future children and society from a medium- to long-term perspective, and to pursue the growth of our business by accelerating the process.

Therefore, the promotion of Sustainable Management is same as the implementation of our Corporate Mission. The Group will continue to promote initiatives based on the three pillars of Sustainable Management: Harmonious coexistence with our planet, Social contribution, and Care for employees.


President & CEO

Etsuro Saito