Airstage™ (VRF Systems) Common Features

Energy Saving Function

Economy operation

Economy operation can be set by remote controller. The temperature setting is offset automatically over a certain period of time.

Room temperature set point limitation

The minimum and maximum temperature ranges can be limited, which provide further energy saving while maintaining the comfort of the occupants.

Auto-off timer

  • The indoor unit automatically is turned off when it reaches to the preset operating time frame.
  • The time frame of the "Auto off timer" can be flexibly scheduled.

Capacity save operation

Operation capacity can be set in 5 steps for rated capability. The power consumption at peak is cut down and the maximum load is suppressed.

More Comfort

Precision refrigerant flow control

Precise and smooth refrigerant flow control is achieved by using a DC Inverter control in conjunction with individual indoor unit electronic expansion valve control. This allows high precision comfortable temperature control of ±0.5°C.

Auto changeover function

At Auto setting, the cooling/heating mode is automatically switched according to the set temperature and room temperature.

Quiet operation

Two low noise modes can be selected automatically by quiet priority setting and capacity priority setting depending on the indoor environment and outside temperature load. This feature can be controlled via outdoor unit external input and/or system controller.

Design Flexibility

Overall piping length 3,280 ft.

World’s longest total pipe length 3,280 ft. max

High capacity connection

AIRSTAGE™ VR-II series Heat Recovery Modular type

Connectable indoor unit capacity range
50% to 150%*5
Connectable indoor unit number
up to 64

AIRSTAGE™ V-II series Heat Pump Modular type

Connectable indoor unit capacity range
50% to 150%*5
Connectable indoor unit number
up to 48

AIRSTAGE™ V-III series Heat Pump Modular type

Connectable indoor unit capacity range
50% to 150%*6
Connectable indoor unit number
up to 64

AIRSTAGE™ J-III series Heat Pump type

Connectable indoor unit capacity range
50% to 150%*5
Connectable indoor unit number
up to 13

AIRSTAGE™ J-IIS series Heat Pump type

Connectable indoor unit capacity range
50%*7 to 130%*5
Connectable indoor unit number
up to 8
Conditions of maximum connectable indoor unit capacity ratio is as the chart above.
Max. capacities in the combinations including the 18 HP outdoor unit fall below 150%.
Only 4 HP is 46%

Wide operating range

Installation in extreme temperature conditions is possible due to an increase in operational range.

J series Heat Pump type *

V-II series Heat Pump type *

VR-II series Heat Recovery type

VRF Heat Pump system operates in non-simultaneous heating or cooling.

High Reliability

Life-extending operation*1

The compressor starting order is rotated so that the running time is shared.

Rotational operation is alternated by the start / stop timing of the compressor.

Liquid flow back protection

By adopting a large sized accumulator, not completely vapourised refrigerant stays inside of the accumulator to ensure no liquid refrigerant is being fed into the compressor.

Adoption of blue fin heat exchanger

Corrosion resistant of the heat exchanger has been improved by the introduction of blue fin treatment to the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger.

Backup operation

If one compressor fails, backup operation will be performed by the remaining compressors.*2

Advanced refrigerant control*1

Innovative compressor control logic has been introduced in order to balance the refrigerant mass flow rate of each outdoor unit by controlling the inverter speed.

Not available for AIRSTAGE™ J-III and J-IIS series
Note: Backup operation may not be possible depending on the trouble state.

Easy Installation

Easily transported

  • Easily craned using lifting belt hooks: Design of outdoor unit allows for lifting straps to be used.
  • Transporting by forklift: Transport with forklift is possible.
  • Can be transported in a small elevator

Easy access

By adopting a L-Shape front panel that can be removed, the work space for installation and service has been significantly expanded by this new design.

For multiple installations, work is performed easily and efficiently even in a narrow space.

Simple wiring work

Up to maximum length 11,811 ft.

Installation of the wiring systems is made easier as the communication wiring can be installed continuously between the indoor, outdoor and RB units.

Serial connection can’t use the automatic address setting in a multiple refrigerant system.

Automatic address setting

The address of the indoor unit, RB unit and signal amplifier through the automatic function setting on the outdoor unit PCB.

Manual address setting from indoor unit and remote controller is also possible.

Easy Service & Maintenance

Movable PCB panel:
Easier for maintenance work behind the PCB
Easy to read 7-segment LED:
Confirm detailed operational and error status without using any specific equipment.
  • Operation mode status
  • Discharge temperature/Pressure status
  • Compressor operation indication
  • Abnormal indoor unit address/error code/number of errors

Error status can be checked easily by outdoor unit display

Error status can be checked easily via the indoor unit wired controller

An error code is displayed on a liquid crystal screen.

Wired Remote Controller
Simple Remote Controller
Wired Remote Controller (Touch panel)

Error diagnosis by Service Tool

Connection to Service Tool

  • Detail operation status and recent error history can be checked and analyzed by using the Service Tool.
  • Last 5 min. operation memory can be also be recorded.

Remote monitoring

The Web Monitoring system allows you to view system operation anytime over the internet, ensuring issue free operation.

The operating VRF network system in the building can be monitored real time over the Internet.