FUJITSU GENERAL Group President's message

Helping to create a society that can provide comfort and peace of mind.

Thatʼs why we continue to provide new value.

We continue to seek constant innovation, help to create a society that can provide comfort and peace of mind, and bring all people of the world an abundant and hopeful future.

Based on this philosophy, we at the Fujitsu General Group aim for continuous growth and continue our diligent efforts.

Since our founding in 1936, we have continued to develop our business according to the times and the variety of environments we have found ourselves in. We have continued to release many cutting edge products.

We quickly directed our attention to the world stage in our main air conditioner business. We took our first step into the global market by exporting air conditioners to the Middle East in 1971, and since then have continued to expand our sales territories region by region. In addition to bringing many world-first and industry-first technologies to the market (such as our “automatic self-cleaning filter system” and “optimal airflow control technology”) in product development, we continue to develop products that suit the climates and needs of each nation and region. We now provide comfortable living spaces to people in more than 100 countries.

Energy-saving regulations and refrigerant regulations are expected to accelerate and grow more diverse worldwide as new means to attempt to prevent global warming within the global air conditioner market. The Fujitsu General Group—with our advanced energy-saving technologies—sees this as a great opportunity to set ourselves apart from other companies.

Building fire and disaster prevention systems in our Information & Communication system business has allowed us to help build platforms to prevent and reduce disasters all over Japan. We also provide high quality products (such as advanced vehicle-mounted cameras that support safe driving) in our electronic device business. Our technologies and ability to propose solutions means that both of these business fields are ripe for development. We can expect much growth in these areas.

As conditions change drastically day by day, we will continue to polish and improve our three power of “technological power”, “realization power”, and “human power”, further accelerate the development of our businesses, and provide even better products and services in order to help build a society that can provide comfort and peace of mind.

Etsuro Saito