Wired Remote Controller (Touch Panel ) UTY-RNRYZ3


Max. Controllable :
16 indoor units
Download :


Easy operation by high-definition large STN-LCD touch panel screen

  • Easy finger touch operation with LCD panel
  • Built-in weekly/Daily timer(ON/OFF,Temp.,Mode)
  • Backlight enables easy operation in a darkened room
  • Room temperature display
  • Control up to 16 indoor units
  • Corresponds to 12 different languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish and Dutch)
  • 2-wire type

High performance and compact size

In addition to the individual control, weekly timer, and various energy saving controls can be realized using one remote controller only.

High performance and compact size

Indoor temperature can be detected accurately by the inclusion of a thermo sensor in the body of the wired controller.

Various energy saving control

Custom Auto

Cooling set temp. 27℃, Heating set temp. 26℃

  • Maintains 2 separate set points for heating and cooling.
  • Automatically changes mode between heating and cooling.
This function is not available for some models.

Auto OFF timer

Ex.) At interval time hour (17:00 to 24:00) to prevent forgetting to turn off Set off time : 1 hour

  • The indoor unit automatically is turned off when it reaches to the preset operating time frame.
  • The time frame of the “Auto off timer” can be flexibly scheduled.
  • The time frame of the “Auto off timer” can be flexibly scheduled.

2 schedules Weekly Timer

Set Temperature Auto Return

Set Temperature Upper and Lower Limit Setting


Model Name UTY-RNRYZ3
Power Supply DC 12 V
Net Dimensions Height 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 20.4 mm
Net Weight 220 g
DC12 V is supplied by the indoor unit.