Wired Remote Controller UTY-RLRY


Max. Controllable :
16 indoor units


  • Various timer setup (ON / OFF / WEEKLY) are possible.
  • The room temperature can be controlled by detecting the temperature accurately with Built-in thermo sensor.
  • When a failure occurs, the error code is displayed.
  • Error history. (Last 16 error codes can be accessed.)
  • 2-wire type

High performance and compact size

In addition to the individual control, weekly timer, and various energy saving controls can be realized using only one remote controller.

High visibility and easy operation

  • “Mode”, “Set Temp”, and “Fan” are displayed at large size on the top screen.
  • Each function to be set is indicated by an icon.
  • Control guide is displayed and operation is simple and straightforward.

Auto-off timer

The indoor unit automatically turns off after a set time has passed.

Weekly timer function

Not only time setting On / Off, but also setting of the operation mode and set temperature can be set by Weekly timer function.

Various energy saving control

  • Set Temperature Auto Return
  • Set Temperature Upper and Lower Limit Setting
Model name UTY-RLRY
Power Supply DC 12 V
Net Dimension Height 120 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 17 mm
Weight 170 g
DC12 V is supplied by the indoor unit.