Wireless LAN Interface FJ-RC-WIFI-1

Adaptor & Convertor

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  • It is the most advanced solution to remotely manage an Air Conditioning system using all sort of mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and PC
  • No separate external power supply required
  • Can be used for single indoor units and group controlled (up to 16) indoor units

Basic control

  • Turning the units on and off
  • Mode control (Heat, Cool, Dry, Auto, Fan)
  • Fan speed setting
  • Louver position (Airflow direction setting)
  • Room temperature display
  • Set temperature control
  • Multi Language
  • One Scene and Timer

Advanced control (Optional functions)

  • Climate working modes (ECO, Comfort, Powerful) (future release)
  • Schedulable functionalities (ON/OFF, Modes, Set point temperature, Fan Speed, Louver position)
  • Set temperature limitation (future release)
  • Multiple Scenes & Timers and Calendar function

Notifications and history

  • Alerts e-mail notification (future release)
  • Air conditioning malfunction alerts
  • Connectivity monitoring and alerts
  • History (future release)


Model Name FJ-RC-WIFI-1
Net Dimensions Height 70 mm
Width 108 mm
Depth 28 mm
Net Weight 80 g