Environment : Environmental Strategy Company-wide AKASURI Campaign

In parallel with the "Environmental Action Plan Stage VIII", we started the "Company-wide AKASURI Campaign" as a company-wide activity to reduce environmental burden and establish a foundation for high profitability. We aim to offer comfortable and safe products and services which do not let our customers consume wasteful electricity and are reviewing the working style in our own business activities and promoting environmental management to enhance energy and resource utilization efficiency through "AKASURI" to reduce various wastes in our business activities crossing the boundaries of organization.

Reducing Waste by Design

With the aim of creating the product which can contribute to the sustainable development of society, we are working to enhance our technological capabilities to realize improvement in both energy saving performance and comfort, and are promoting the reduction of wastes focusing on the Improvement of design quality as it is said that "many quality problems are caused by design fault". We will further promote the environmentally conscious design such as resource saving design.

Cost Reduction/Promotion of VE

In the strategic procurement of key components, we will further work on the cooperation with business partners or the development of sound proposal environment.
In addition, by deepening the collaboration between business partners and design and procurement departments, we will expand the activities such as cost reduction in the early stage of development, ease of making in the production process, reduction of environmental burden during transportation through local procurement of parts and promote the green procurement considering resource saving.

Strengthening of Production Technologies

We will continuously work on the manpower saving by the elimination of wastes in the production process, automation and improvement of business process and strengthen production technologies such as internal production of production equipment and jigs. Increasing the efficiency of energy and raw material usage and reducing wastes will directly lead to the reduction in environmental burden.

Reducing Logistics Cost Thoroughly

Reducing logistics cost will trigger a review of transportation of things such as modal shift and joint delivery. By reviewing transportation method, we can suppress the wasteful consumption of energy leading to the reduction of environmental burden. We will review procurement logistics and sales logistics from scratch including the improvement of system and aim at thorough reduction.

Strengthening Maintenance Service

In order to strengthen the maintenance service, we are promoting the improvement by sharing the problems among service, design and procurement departments crossing the boundaries of organization. By this activity, we will promote the improvement of efficiency of maintenance service through the strengthening of service system and enhancement of repair skills.

AKASURI in the Office

In the indirect departments, we will eliminate the waste of waiting time for approval and the waste of forwarding time as well as promoting the paperless activity by digitizing approval procedures. Furthermore, we are thoroughly reducing the wastes hidden in work by habituating the behaviors conscious of environmental management such as recommending stand-up meetings and activity to improve efficiency of meetings and enhance the contents as well as the efforts to unify the purchase and management of office supplies within the company to eliminate the waste of duplicate purchase between the departments.
All departments and employees will detect the wastes of work with the consciousness of persons concerned and create the corporate culture to always improve through the promotion of AKASURI Campaign.

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