System Outline

Compact Outdoor unit

The compact and low sound level enable the units to be installed to various environment with restriction and/or limited spaces such as mechanical rooms and or rooftops.

Small room application

Up to 30 indoor units can be connected by the optimum heat exchanger structure. Available to various small rooms.

Quiet design

Top class low sound operation has been achieved. This allows installation of the units to various places without a special sound prevention work.


Compact Design

This model is much more compact than conventional 12HP comparable outdoor unit. Inconspicuous installation is available even on the roof.

Advanced high efficiency technology

Large propeller fan

The high efficiency and the low sound operation are mutually realized by reduction of a draft loss which are enabled by the Fujitsu General's original blade design and a large diameter propeller fan.

DC fan motor

Miniaturized, low noise, high efficiency, multi-stage DC fan motor is mounted.

Large heat exchanger

Heat exchange performance is substantially improved by mounting of 2-row large heat exchanger.

DC inverter control

Efficiency is improved by mounting of new active filter module.

Subcool heat exchanger

Cooling performance is improved by mounting of dual tube heat exchanger.

Scroll compressor

The equipment of scroll compressor with a wide range of rotational frequency from 15 to 120 rps together with Fujitsu General's unique sensorless sine wave control method which smoothly control the input power run into the motor realized a mutual improvement on the energy efficient operation and the low sound operation.

Long Piping Length

Our advanced refrigerant control technology allows us to achieve a total refrigerant piping length of 400 meters. This opens up new possibilities in system design.

Up to 30 units can be connected

The combination of the smallest but adequate capacity indoor unit and a new outdoor unit with the optimum heat exchanger structure has realized the industry’s top class connection of 30 units. The total pipe length has been extended up to 400 meters to fulfill various room layouts.

Only when new indoor units and J-IIIL series are combined

High Static Pressure

External static pressure is available up to 30 Pa.(only 12HP)

Top Class Low Operating Sound

Top class low operating sound is realized. Highly suited to densely populated areas thanks to their low operating sound.