FUJITSU GENERAL Group President's message

Slogan: Innovation & Globalization Providing a Brand New Tomorrow to Everyone on Earth

Management Policy: Brush up and enhance 3 powers of “technological power, realization power and human power” and challenge the reform

With the Paris Agreement coming into force, initiatives to realize a low-carbon society have been launched globally. This has led energy-saving and refrigerant regulations in the air conditioner industry to accelerate and grow more diverse, spurring technological innovation. We at Fujitsu General—with our advanced energy-saving technologies—see this as an excellent opportunity to set ourselves apart from other companies.

As a manufacturer, Fujitsu General has continued to grow as technology advances and innovative technologies emerge. Through product development, we have generated a large number of advanced products by being the first in the world or in our industry to put many technologies into practical use. Instead of searching for short-term outcomes, we will continue to focus our efforts on R&D, looking ten years and even twenty years ahead, as we endeavor to create new value based on pioneering, innovative technologies.

In light of these circumstances, we will strive to deliver tomorrow’s wonderful solutions that do not yet exist to people worldwide, thereby enhancing their lives and businesses with the power of innovation in accordance with our medium-term management policy for 2020, which has the slogan of “Innovation & Globalization.”

Innovation is born from a chemical reaction that occurs between things of different natures. We aim to engage in co-creation activities through which we respect each other’s differences and generate innovation together on a global scale regardless of differences in nationality, race, gender, age, or sense of values. The basic direction for our company to aim for is the activity focusing on actual situation in the local site while having global viewpoint, that is “Glocalization”.

Through the expansion of Information & Communication Systems and Electronic Devices businesses, which provide quality fire and disaster prevention systems and vehicle-mounted cameras, as well as the air conditioner business, which is our core business, we aim to be a group of companies that give peace, richness, smile in the hearts of people all over the world

In an attempt to achieve these goals and through management to think of and make use of persons, we will brush up and enhance 3 powers of “Technological power, realization power, human power” , further accelerate business development; and continue to generate business innovation into the future.

Etsuro Saito