Company Green Policy

Being Green Never Felt This Good

Fujitsu General Group promotes environmental education and conservation through the sales and distribution of ecologically conscious products.

We work closely with our suppliers to promote sustainability and insure that the parts that make up our HVAC systems come from environmentally friendly resources and that our partner companies also follow "green" practices.

  • Our procurement policy places the highest priority on the protection of the environment. We aspire to manufacture products that have the least harmful impact on the global environment.
  • We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout the product lifecycle.
  • We are committed to conserving energy and natural resources, and practice a 3R approach (reduce, reuse, recycle) to create best-of-breed eco-friendly products.
  • We seek to reduce risks to human health and the environment from the use of harmful chemical substances or waste.
  • We disclose environment-related information on our business activities, products and services, and we utilize the resulting feedback to critique ourselves in order to further improve our environmental programs.
  • We encourage our employees to work to improve the environment, bearing in mind the impact of their business activities and their civic responsibilities.
  • Fujitsu participates in the RoHS Directive, which is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. It is an EU directive intended to protect the environment by forcing manufacturers to eliminate or severely curtail the use of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and lead in all products from automobiles to consumer electronics.