Downloads : Airstage™ (VRF Systems)

Catalogue & Leaflet

General Catalogue of Air Conditioners

Sales Promotion Tool

PDFDesign Simulator LEAFLET_1NNDS1-1202E (1,213KB)

PDFBIM Object Models LEAFLET_1NF3D1-1103E (1,027KB)

Document Downloads

In the following pages, it can be obtained the following documents.

Document Downloads

  • Operation manual
  • Installation manual
  • Interface Specification
  • EC Declaration (RoHS / MD / LVD / EMC / PED)

Data Downloads

KNX Convertor UTY-VKGX ETS database (knxprod: 6,065KB)


If the original file extension “.knxprod” should have changed to “.ZIP” after downloading the file, this is due to your browser. In this case please rename the file extension before starting the import into ETS.

In some cases it might be necessary to reactivate the display of known file extensions in Windows Explorer: Tools > Folder Options > View > uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types” > confirm with “Apply/OK”

ErP Documents

In the following pages, it can be obtained the ErP Documents.

Lot. Document Type Download Brand
  • Information Sheet
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