AIRSTAGE™  (VRF Systems)

Rating Capacity range 6HP


Outdoor units



Rating Capacity range 6HP
Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit 9
Power source Single-phase, ~230V, 50Hz
Capacity Cooling  15.5kW  Heating 18.0kW
Input power Cooling  4.49kW  Heating 4.56kW
EER Cooling  3.45W/W
COP Heating  3.95W/W
Air flow late 6,900m³/h
Sound pressure level Cooling  53dB(A)  Heating 55dB(A)
Heat exchanger fin Blue fin
Dimensions 1,334(H) × 970(W) × 370(D)mm
Weight 117kg
Refrigerant charge 5.3kg
Connection pipe diameter Liquid φ9.52mm
Gas φ19.05mm
Operation range Cooling  -5 to 46°CDB
Heating -20 to 21°CDB
Note :
Specifications are based on the following conditions.
Cooling :
Indoor temperature of 27°CDB / 19°CWB, and outdoor temperature of 35°CDB / 24°CWB.
Heating :
Indoor temperature of 20°CDB / (15°CWB), and outdoor temperature of 7°CDB / 6°CWB.
Pipe length :
7.5 m; Height difference between outdoor unit and indoor unit : 0 m.
The protective function may work when using it outside the operation range.


Outdoor Dimensions : 1,334(H) × 970(W) × 370(D)mm


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