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Water resources

Water conservation by water leakage prevention

Fujitsu General Group is working on the reduction of water usage through thorough inspection of the facilities and by making employees conscious. Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd. updated the water supply main pipe from steel pipe to polyethylene pipe at the time of toilet refurbishment to prevent further water leakage.

Also, at the manufacturing group companies where large number of employees are working, the water saving is called for through education and poster notice on the bulletin board to maintain the water saving awareness of workers.

Maintenance of main water supply pipe of Fujitsu General (Thailand)

Before updating
(inside dotted line: steel pipe)

After updating
(inside dotted line: polyethylene pipe)

Water saving poster at Fujitsu General (Thailand)

Activity to reduce wastes

The thorough sorting of the wastes is practiced at group companies of each country and area and such item as the used fluorescent tube of which the environmental pollution by mercury is concerned is disposed appropriately.

Waste sorting sites in group companies

Shed for fluorescent lamps at

Shed for wastes at FGA (THAILAND)

Efforts for reuse

Regeneration of recovered Fluorocarbons

Fuji Eco Cycle Co., Ltd. opened a fluorocarbons recycling factory of Chukyo Freon Co., Ltd. in Hamamatsu Business Office in May, 2016 in order to recycle the fluorocarbons recovered from air conditioners and refrigerators as reusable fluorocarbons. This factory regenerates fluorocarbons by removing the impurities using a fluorocarbons regeneration device from the refrigerant mainly recovered by Fuji Eco Cycle.

Also, the fluorocarbons after regeneration is analyzed by analyzer for the quality assurance to ensure the quality equal to unused fluorocarbons. The regenerated fluorocarbons has been delivered mainly to Chukyo and Tokai areas from June, 2016 for the service of air conditioners in Japan.

Fluorocarbons regeneration device in Hamamatsu Business Office