Green Procurement

Introduction of Green Procurement

Fujitsu General Group aspires to manufacture products which create a rich life while considering global environmental protection. Based on this policy, we are working on environmental protection activities from material procurement stage with cooperation of suppliers.

Fujitsu General Group is promoting the following points about procurement activities.

  • Procurement from suppliers who proactively promote environmental protection.
  • Procurement of materials and products that are environmentally-friendly and do not contain harmful substances.

Regarding details of requirement to suppliers, please refer to “Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Standards (Direction/Policy)” and “Fujitsu General Group's Individual Policy (specification)”

Fujitsu Group Procurement Standards(Direction/Policy)

Fujitsu Group Procurement Standards are applied to procured materials and products as well as to their suppliers themselves. We Fujitsu General Group also apply this standard to our procurement activities.

Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction (Ver.7.0)

Fujitsu Group specified chemical substances List (Ver.2.7)

Guideline Regarding Non-Containment Management on Fujitsu Group Specified Chemical Substances (Ver.3.0)

Guideline regarding analysis on Fujitsu Group specified chemical substances (Ver.3.0)

Fujitsu General Group's Individual Policy (Specification)

Captioned policy is applied to materials and products to Fujitsu General Group as well as to their suppliers themselves.

Specification of Prohibiting Use of Hazardous Substance (Ver.2.1)

This is Fujitsu General Group's individual details specification intended to comply with RoHS directive. Therefore, regarding materials and products which to be supplied to Fujitsu General Group, “Specification of Prohibiting Use of Hazardous Substance” is given priority to over “Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction” or the “Green Procurement Agreement” in case of finding discrepancy between them. Please note it.

Request at the time of submitting “Delivery Specifications”

In order to observe requirement of “Specification of Prohibiting Use of Hazardous Substance”, please fill in necessary information in following “Observance Confirmation” with authorized signature and attach it to “Delivery Specifications”

Request to supply chemical substance information

Fujitsu General Group is making a survey of chemical substances contained in suppliers' materials and products based on a AIS (Article Information Sheet) which is provided by JAMP (Japan Article Management Promotion-consortium) .
For your submitting information, please visit JAMP's website at the following URL.“AIS” is introduced in there and you can download survey tool

JAMP (Japan Article Management Promotion-consortium)

Opens a New Window.

To fulfill our customers' requests, we may ask you to submit your answers in a format that is different from the above. Your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
Please follow the link below for information regarding measures taken by the Fujitsu General Group to counter "Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases".

Regarding the Procurement and Use of HCFC-22

The "007 Ozone Depleting Substances" shown in "Table 1: Banded Substances" of the "Specified Chemical Substances List" is classified as "[1] Ban of intentional addition or use", but within the Fujitsu General Group HCFC-22 is procured for use as a refrigerant in air conditioners that are shipped to specific destinations (except for Japan, Europe, Turkey, and Australia).

The Procurement and Use of HCFC-22 | Relevant parts


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