Development of Environmentally-friendly Technologies

To provide the products to contribute to the reduction of environmental burden for customers and society, we are working on the development of technologies to realize the excellent energy conservation performance and resource saving.

Air conditioners
  • Development of “DUAL BLASTER” which creates comfortable air current of room temperature.
  • Development of “New absent eco” technology to detect absence of human by sensor and control operation.
Deodorizers (PLAZION)
  • Realizing downsizing and light weight(*1) while maintaining the same deodorizing performance.
Information & communication system
  • Development of high efficient power amplifier for digital wireless equipment.(Downsizing and resource saving)
Automotive camera
  • Development of image processing LSI by advanced semiconductor processing.(micro technology) (Downsizing and resource saving)


*1 light weight :
Comparison with the model in front of us

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