Development of Environmentally-friendly Products

We are working on the development of products excelling in environmental performance (such as energy conservation and resource saving) compared with conventional models in all the products in order to provide environmentally-friendly products pursuing “comfort, safety and security”.

Specifically, at the planning and development stage of each new development item, development targets are set according to the “Production Environment Assessment” which classifies environmental performance in 44 items.

Then, after assessing whether the targets are achieved at the stage of designing and test production, the products which cleared the “Green Products Conforming Assessment Standard” are commercialized as “Green Products”.

Moreover, products among the Green Products that have outstanding environmental performance such as top level performance within the industry (*1) and/or products that are commended for its environmental performance by a third party are recognized as “Super Green Products”.

Environmental performance.Super Green Products:Judgment by [Super Green Products Conforming Assessment Standard],Judgment Standard - Environmental performance is industry's top level(*1),Commended by third party in the environmental performance or in case there is no comparable products in the market, the environmental burden is reduced by over 15% from our conventional models.Green Products:Judgment by [Green Products Conforming Assessment Standard]Judgment Standard,Products which scored 80 points or more in [Product Environmental Assessment]44 items including・Energy saving・Weight reduction・Resource saving・Recycling・Use of recycled resource.

Activities in FY2013

Activities in FY2012


*1 top level :
Based on “Criteria on use of 'No.1' on products” by Home Electric Appliances Fair Trade Conference. Industry's top level: No.1, equivalent to No.1 or very small difference from No.1.

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