Reduction of Specific Chemical Substance

Among chemical substances used in our business activities, the substance which has high impact on the environment is positioned as “ Specific chemical substance(*1) ” in our own definition, and we are working on the reduction of its emission volume.

Specifying specific chemical substance

Among all chemical substances used in the production process, based on the degree of Impact on human and environment and yearly volume of use, we specified 3 substances of “ xylene ” , “ toluene ” and “ 2-Ethoxyethyl acetate ” as the specific chemical substance to work on the reduction by Fujitsu General Group. For these chemical substances, we established the activity measures and reduction plan at the business centers to use them and started the activity to reduce the emission.

At the overseas manufacturing centers, the emission was drastically reduced by changing the solvent used in the production process of motors to the replacement solvent containing less specific chemical substance. At the domestic manufacturing centers, the volume of solvent was reduced by enhancing the productivity and the emission was restrained. In FY2014 and thereafter, we will reduce the emission by changing to replacement substance containing less specific chemical substance.

Fujitsu General Group Specific Chemical Substance

Substance Production process using the substance
Xylene Painting process
Toluene Painting process, Printing process, Molding process
2-Ethoxyethyl acetate Painting process

FY2015 targets

Area covered Management index FY2012
Base year
Global Total volume(Emission) 100%
(7,824 kg)
Less than 9%
(700 kg)

Activity center

Aomori Business Office, Fujitsu General Electronics Limited, Fujitsu General (Thailand) Co., Ltd., FGA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Activity measures

Shifting to replacement substance containing less hazardous chemical substance and restraining emission in the production process.


*1 : Specific chemical substance
Specified according to Fujitsu General Group own standard based on the degree of impact on human and environment and yearly volume of use,


Activities in FY2013


Activities in FY2012


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