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Reduction of Environmental Burden within Our Business Activities

Efforts for energy conservation and global warming prevention

Toward the reduction of energy consumption CO2 emission in the business, we are promoting the activities to enhance energy consumption efficiency by implementing measures to save energy for facility, improve logistics efficiency and save power activities.

Reduction of Energy Consumption CO2 Emission

Approach to chemical substances management and reduction

To comply with the laws and regulations in Japan and overseas relating to chemical substances contained in the products, we are establishing and operating our own chemical substance management system for the redution of emission.

Measures for Chemical Substance Emission Restraint

Reduction of Specific Chemical Substance

Promotion of green procurement

We are asking all our suppliers for their cooperation regarding the establishment of Environmental Management System (EMS) and the enhancement of level of their activities. To that end, we implement various supporting activities.

EMS Establishment at all Overseas Parts & Material Suppliers

Efforts for reduction of waste and for recycling

Aiming to realize a recycling-oriented society, Fujitsu General Group is working on the effective use of the limited resources by promoting the activity to not generate waste and to use generated waste effectively.

Measures against Wastes

Activities Reduction for Environmental Burden

For the purpose of reducing the environmental burden of the whole life cycle of the products from parts/material procurement to the disposal of products, we developed the “LCA Automatic Calculation System” in FY2010 and are working on the comprehension and reduction of environmental burden at each stage of the product life cycle.

Implementation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Conservation of biodiversity of business office inside and outside

Based on this, we established the “Fujitsu General Group Biodiversity Action Principles” and are promoting the activities to contribute to the biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources for customers and whole society as well as practicing the biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use in our own business activities.

Biodiversity Conservation


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