Business Activities and Environmental Burden

Fujitsu General Group is working on the enhancement of energy consumption efficiency and resource consumption efficiency in all business domains.
The amount of resources consumed (INPUT) and the amount of environmental burden emitted (OUTPUT) in FY2013 were as below.
The improvement of the environmental burden amount was confirmed every year on the basic unit bases of consolidated sales.

INPUT Energy - Electricity: 73623Megawatt hour, Heavy oil: 43kilo litter, Kerosene: 63kilo litter, Light oil: 252kilo litter, Gasoline: 396kilo litter, LPG: 2042ton, City gas: 279cubic meter. INPUT Raw materials - Metal (Iron, copper, aluminum, etc.): 88970ton, Plastic: 20521ton, Paper: 6928ton, Others: 4963ton. .INPUT Water material - Water: 443cubic meter. OUTPUT - Emission to the air CO2: 38669ton, NOX: 4.5ton, SOX: 0.2ton. OUTPUT - Wastes Total emission amount: 737ton. OUTPUT - Drainage to the water area Drainage:363cubic meter.

Calculation method:


Energy :
Consumption of electricity and fuel in factories and business offices
Raw materials :
Input to the products
Water material :
Amount of water used in factories and business offices


CO2 :
CO2 emission generated by energy consumption in factories and business offices (Energy consumption × CO2 conversion factor)
Calculated based on the result of measuring the substance density of exhaust gas emitted from smoke generating facility in the factories and business offices.
Amount emitted by fuel consumption of vehicles used in the factory premises (Fuel amount used x emission coefficient)
Wastes :
Amount of wastes generated in factories and business offices
Water dranage :
Amount of water drained into sewage system or rivers from factories and business offices

Status of improvement of environmental burden

As a result of comparing the environmental burden amounts from FY2011 to 2013 in the basic unit based on the result of business activities (consolidated sales), the improvement was confirmed on all the items.(*2)

CO2 : 2011-100%, 2012-91.7%, 2013-81.1%. NOX : 2011-100%, 2012-77.4%, 2013-44.6%. SOX : 2011-100%, 2012-56.1%, 2013-31.1%. Water drainage : 2011-100%, 2012-86.4%, 2013-53.5%. Wastes : 2011-100%, 2012-79.3%, 2013-82.7%.


* 1 Business activities:
The shaded parts in the business activities are included in the resource amount and environmental burden amount.
* 2 confirmed on all the items:
Compared with consolidated sales basic unit of FY2011 as 100


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