Environmental Accounting

The environmental protection cost in FY2013 was 1,087 million yen (51 million yen down from the previous year) and the economic effect was 2,531 million yen (50 million yen up) and the capital investment(*1) was 975 million yen.
The specific factors are the increase of investment for the conversion of new refrigerant and the expansion of estimated effect along with the sales expansion of Green products.

Cost and effect

FY2011:Protection cost-1227Million yen , Estimated effect-875Million yen, Actual effect-1749Million yen. FY2012:Protection cost-1138Million yen, Estimated effect-876Million yen, Actual effect-1605Million yen. FY2013:Protection cost-1087Million yen, Estimated effect-991Million yen, Actual effect-1540Million yen.

Environmental protection cost (FY2013)(*2)

(million yen)

Item Main contents Investment amount Cost amount
  Pollution prevention Air/water pollution protection, etc. 7 101
Environmental protection Global warming prevention / Ozone layer depletion prevention 807 177
Resources recycling Resources effective use, industrial waste disposal, etc. 0 434
Costs in business area 814 712
Production upstream / downstream activity cost Recycling of used products, etc. 79 61
Management activity EMS, environmental education, etc. 6 35
R&D Development of environmentally-friendly products/technologies 76 278
Social activity Protection of nature except business office 0 1
Environmental Protection Recovery of land pollution 0 0
Total 975 1,087

Economic effects relating to environmental protection (FY2013)

(million yen)

Item Main contents Amount
Estimated effect Sales contribution value.(*3) in Green products 991
  Revenue Sale amount of valued articles 1,002
Cost saving Energy saving 538
Actual effect 1,540
Total 2,531


The investment amount was calculated, targeting the equipment aiming at environmental protection, by multiplying the ratio of “environment protection ” out of the purpose of purchase of relevant equipment.
Environmental protection cost is calculated including various expenses, personnel cost and depreciation cost of capital investment relating to environmental activities. The depreciation cost is calculated by 5-year fixed amount depreciation method.
The value calculated by multiplying the sales amount of Green products by “research/designing ratio”, “environmental design contribution rate” (both our company’s standard).


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