Environmental Communication

Social and Regional Activities

Delivery lecture on energy conservation

We are conducting “Delivery lecture on energy saving” by Fujitsu General employees at the regional primary schools. In the lecture, we select the themes to feel familiar to energy saving such as quiz concerning energy saving and experiment using LED.We will continue the activity to teach children the importance of energy and the necessity of energy saving.

Delivery lecture on energy saving
(Komae City, Tokyo)

Cleaning activity

Fujitsu General Group is continually implementing cleaning and greening activities around the company office aiming at global environment conservation and co-existence with community.

Cleaning activity around Aomori
Business Office

Cleaning activity around Hamamatsu
Business Office

Eco cap collection activit

Fujitsu General Heartware Ltd. started the plastic bottle cap collection activity from April, 2013 assenting to the purport of Eco Cap NPO Corporation. The plastic bottle caps collected by this activity are bought and recycled by the recycle business proprietor. By this, we had the effect of about 1,132kg CO2 reduction in 2013. Also, the profit on sale was used for sending polio vaccine for 180 children of developing countries through Authorized NPO(*1).

Aomori Business Office has been doing the activity to collect beverage container caps since 4 years ago jointly with life insurance company. The caps and pull tabs collected are used for purchasing polio vaccines and fixtures such as wheel chairs through the insurance company.

*1 : Authorized NPO Japan Committee “Vaccines for the World’ Children” (JCV)

Inviting visitors to home electric appliance recycling factory

In order to have home electric appliance recycling system understood more deeply, Fuji Eco Cycle Ltd. is positively inviting visitors from neighboring schools and local governments. The number of visitors in FY2013 was 821. The accumulated number of visitors up to now is 9,548.

Primary school children visiting
recycling factory

Exhibition and Lecture Meeting

Eco Product 2013

We exhibited our products at Fujitsu Group booth in the “Eco-Products 2013”, Japan’s biggest class environmental exhibition, held in December, 2013. This time, we appealed to the visitors by exhibiting “nocria” X series realizing both excellent energy-saving performance by adopting new refrigerant (R32) and new designing of key components and comfort by our air current control technology.

Actually experiencing side air current
and center air current

Explaining the movement of
air current by CG picture

Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair 2014

We made presentation to the visitors about assessment points and product features of “nocia” X series accredited for the brand at the accreditation booth of “Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand ’13” of “Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair 2014” (sponsored by Kawasaki City) held in February, 2014.

Explanation of enhancement of
environmental efficiency in lifecycle

Panel to introduce “nocra” X series

Participation in Energy Saving Festival in Hamamatsu City

Fuji Ecocycle Ltd. exhibited at “Hamamatsu City Energy Saving Festival” held in July, 2013. In the exhibition booth, the explanation of home electric appliance recycling using video image and information of visit to the factory were introduced.

Venue of the exhibition in front of
Shin-Hamamatsu Station of Ensyu Railway

Fuji Ecocycle’s booth

Environmental Lecture Meeting

In June, 2013, as an environmental monthly event, a lecture meeting tilted “Environmental Advanced Country Edo Period and Business” was held inviting Mr. Hirakawa of FUJITSU UNIVERSITY as a lecturer and many employees attended.

Life of Edo Period when recycling was advanced

Lecture meeting


Activities in FY2012


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