Fujitsu General Group Environmental Policy

The Fujitsu General Group Environmental Policy expresses the philosophy and action plan for practicing the environmental activities continually in all business domains based on the Fujitsu General Way.


The Fujitsu General Group believes that working to preserve the environment is an important part of doing business. Based on this philosophy, we contribute to building a comfortable and safe society and developing a sustainable society by bringing about a prosperous future that fulfils the dreams of people throughout the world. Besides observing environmental laws and norms in the course of doing business, we carry out environmental activities on our own initiative. Moreover, the entire organization and all employees remain committed to continuing past efforts to ensure that future generation will enjoy a rich and diverse environment.

Action Plan

  • Contribute to the reduction of environmental burden for our customers and society and the enhancement of environmental efficiency by pursuing excellent technology and providing comfortable and safe products and services.
  • Reduce environmental burden throughout every stage of the product life cycle.
  • Introduce Top Runner products with even better energy and resource efficiency and 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) compliancy.
  • Prevent environmental risks that cause environmental pollution and health hazards caused as a result of using toxic chemicals and waste.
  • Disclose business activities, products and solutions related to the environment, acknowledge feedback concerning them, and apply what we learn to improving our environmental activities.
  • Every employee is committed to contribute to the global environmental protection including climate change control and biodiversity protection from the perspective of their own work role and as a member of the community and aims to further spread it to the society.


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