FUJITSU GENERAL Group Environment



The Fujitsu General Group recognizes that global environmental protection is a vitally important business issue. We promote the sustainable development of society by contributing to creating a secure and comfortable society, and by providing people around the world with a future of prosperity and dreams.

In addition, while observing all environmental regulations in our business operations, we are actively pursuing environmental protection activities on our own initiative. Through our individual and collective actions, we will strive to safeguard a rich natural environment for future generations.


  • We help customers and society reduce the environmental impact of their business activities and improve environmental efficiency by providing thorough and secure products and services through the pursuit of advanced technologies
  • We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire lifecycle
  • We are committed to conserving energy and natural resources, and practice the 3Rs approach (reduce, reuse, recycle) to create best-of-breed eco-friendly products
  • We seek to reduce risks to human health and the environment from the use of chemical substances and waste
  • We disclose environment-related information on our business activities, products and services, and we utilize the resulting feedback to critique ourselves in order to further improve our environmental programs
  • We encourage our employees to work on global environmental conservation such as tackling climate change and the preservation of biodiversity through their business and civic activities to be role models in society

7TH ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION PLAN (Goals to be achieved by the end of fiscal 2015)

The environmental action plan lays down concrete plans to implement environmental activities under the philosophy and action plan set out in the environmental policy.


Development of environmental protection products and technologies and expansion of supply to the market to reduce the global environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle

1. Designating all products to be newly developed as “Green Products*1”

2. Increasing the sales of “Green Products” to more than 4 times of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

3. Designating more than 30% of the models developed in each fiscal year as “Super Green Products*2”

4. Developing “Industry's top level technology in environmental performance”

Reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the domestic bases, overseas bases and domestic product logistics

1. Reduction of energy consumption CO2 emission

Reducing CO2 emission in sales basic unit globally to less than 95% of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

Domestic : Reducing in energy basic unit to less than 95% of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

Overseas : Reducing in energy basic unit to less than 92% of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

2. Reduction of CO2 in domestic logistics

Reducing in sales quantity basic unit to less than 97% of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

Promotion of environmentallyfriendly MONOZUKURI (manufacturing) and suppression of emission of wastes and specific chemical substances*3

1. Reduction of waste emission

Reducing waste emission in sales basic unit globally to less than 80% of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

Domestic : Reducing in basic unit of each area to less than 76% of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

Overseas : Reducing in output basic unit to less than 90% of FY2012 by the end of FY2015

2. Reduction of specific chemical substances

Reducing emission of specific chemical substances used in production

Level-up and operation efficiency improvement of environmental management system (EMS*4) in all domestic and overseas business bases

1. Improving companywide environmental promotion framework and enhancing the efficiency by the end of FY2015

Indexing negative cost (wastes generated in performing business) by converting to CO2

2. Establishment and level-up of EMS at all overseas parts/material suppliers

3. Strengthening chemical management system (CMS*5) at suppliers

Concrete activities for biodiversity*6 conservation

1. Tackling biodiversity conservation activity through biotope*7

2. Promoting biodiversity conservation activity for business offices and suppliers

Products which enhanced environmental performance such as energy saving, resource saving, reduction of hazardous substances from current products in our company.
Products which have industry's top level of environmental performance among Green Products or the products which were commended by the third party in the environmental performance.
Substances which influence human and environment and are specified in our company's own concept by the amount used.
(Environmental Management System) System and guideline relating to environmental protection activity. e.g.: International Standard ISO14001
(Chemical Management System) System of establishing chemical substance management framework at suppliers and receiving control
Status balanced between various species existing on earth and various ecosystems composed by the species
Place where diverse creatures inhabit. Geographical minimum unit of habitat with characteristics clearly distinct from surrounding area.